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It’s not something the average pot smoker would ever be interested in. Diehard cannabis users typically do not want anything in their weed except some good old fashioned, non-life-threatening THC. If I fell victim back in the day to a joint soaked in embalming fluid, who’s to say the same thing cannot happen to others, but with fentanyl? I suppose my main gripe with cannabis advocates right now is that they are so hellbent on calling BS on all of these marijuana-fentanyl claims that they have created a situation where it could mean bad, bad things for someone who believes it's only a myth.

These groups don’t know any better than the rest of us whether this scene is developing, and furthermore, they act like no one, not even the sleaziest of scumbag dope dealers would ever poison marijuana in this manner. Well, they might…and chances are they probably have. Nevertheless, this horrible situation is actually the best reason we have right now for pushing to legalize marijuana at the national level. Once weed is put in the position of being sold in retail outlets like alcohol, the bulk of all this marijuana-laced-with-anything business is as good as gone. There may be some exceptions – hardcore drug abusers might actually enjoy the effects of combining marijuana and opioids – but any real threat to the general pot smoking public would get snuffed out quick. It’s the main reason that throughout all of the shocking tales spinning from the nation’s opioid epidemic -- the death and destruction -- you’ve never once heard any reports of fentanyl-laced beer. All the breweries in this country have to worry about running damage control on is corn syrup. Mike Adams is a contributing writer for Forbes, Cannabis Now and BroBible. Contents: If you are a first-time vape user or have been vaping for some time, you may have some questions about coils.

As you likely know, coils are one of the most important parts of your vaping experience. [i] Coils are components inside your vape’s atomizer that convert energy into heat and vaporize e-liquid from the saturated wicking material. [ii] One of the more controversial breakthroughs in recent years is the ceramic coil . Ceramic coils are a point of conflict within the vaping community, as these coils have several positive and negative attributes. Ultimately, we are here to clean up any misinformation or rumors so that you can make the right decision for yourself. Ceramic coils are coils that, quite obviously, leverage ceramics to improve longevity and protect against issues like oxidation of the metal in your vape. While they may take more time to heat than other coils (like quartz coils), they are known for superior heat retention. [iii] Some of the other benefits touted by manufacturers include a longer life, self-cleaning properties, and the absence of dry hit. [iv] Having said this, one of the most notable benefits of ceramic coil technology is that it delivers the purest vapor flavor in the marketplace today. They offer a full flavor with maximum terpene profiles. In addition, there is no burnt taste, which many vape users will appreciate. One of the largest differences between ceramic coils and standard coils is the way that they are constructed. [v] While ceramic coils contain no wick, most standard coils rely on a wire and fiber wick combination. Instead of wick, ceramic coils contain a layer of ceramic. Some ceramic coils do have this hybrid combination of a cotton wick sandwiched between (or surrounding) the ceramic. But when you are ready to replace these ceramic coils, you would just replace the cotton wicking material as necessary. Also, because ceramic is porous, ceramic coils absorb your e-liquid which is then heated to produce vapor. This is why there is better flavor quality in ceramic coils as opposed to standard coils. Considering the differences between ceramic coils and standard coils, why would you want to choose a ceramic coil? We have gathered nine advantages that are inherent within ceramic coils. Optimum Viscosity: By choosing ceramic coils, you can use a thicker viscosity in your tanks than you can in wicking coil cartridges.

[vi] This is because the heating element and fiber tube in one ceramic device will not degrade. Improved Flavor: With ceramic coils, vape users typically report improvements in flavor. There is nothing in a ceramic coil that will interfere with or react with your e-liquid’s flavor.

Ultimately, the increased surface area from the coil’s ceramic material means that more juice is vaporized with each puff . A Long Life Span : Ceramic can withstand high temperatures, meaning that the lifespan of your ceramic coil is much longer compared to standard coils.


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