one blunt is equivalent to how many cigarettes

If you’re ready for some solid gold vaping, then pick up the Zeus Arc GT. The ArGo puts all of the best qualities of the larger Arizer vapes in a package that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Plenty dry herb vaporizer vaporizer is a unique device that is suited for anyone who wants a handheld version of a desktop vaporizer.

The Fury Edge is a very good dry herb vaporizer with a ton of great features and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Arizer Extreme-Q is an affordably priced desktop vaporizer with the versatility to use both whips and balloons. The One is an excellent deal because it provides the kind of vapor quality and feature set that you would expect in more expensive vaporizers. The Ardent Nova Decarboxylator always leaves your herbs in the perfect state to be used in edibles, lotions, or tinctures. It’s the simplest and most efficient way, so far, to decarb weed so that it can be used in other ways. You don’t have to worry about closely monitoring your buds or worrying that they’ll get charred or burned, the Nova does the job better than you ever could. So, if you’re interested in doing more with your herb besides smoking it, the Nova is the perfect appliance for you. The CFC 2.0 is a huge upgrade to the original CFC, it fixes all of the flaws of the original and makes some significant improvements to the design. For starters, it is a little bigger than the original and has a more pleasing design that is easier to grip.

The new mouthpiece feels better to vape from than the original and the precise temperature control allows a nice level of customization that you can see via the clear OLED screen. The Boundless CFC 2.0 may have the price of a budget dry herb vaporizer, but it has the feature list of a more expensive one. If you love herb and wax, enjoy a stylish look, and prefer an uncomplicated vaporizer, then the Quant 2-in-1 Premium Vaporizer is what you have been looking for. This dual use vaporizer combines a classy look, a simple interface, and great vapor quality, especially when using dry herb. So don’t miss out on the Quant if you’re in the market for great vapor quality with a cool, luxurious design. The Hydrology 9 is a cool, futuristic looking dry herb vape with a litany of impressive features, the most notable of which is the water-cooling feature that gives it a bong-like experience. It also has an integrated stirring tool and cool LED lights. The water does a great job of cooling down the vapor, that vapor is good but it is not as strong as other vapes in this class. If it wasn’t for the price, this would be a great vaporizer for beginners, as it is, tech-loving vapers are the main audience for this one. At The Vape Guide, our goal is to have our visitors be the most well-informed and up-to-date vapers—or soon to be vapers—anywhere. We do that by giving you detailed breakdowns of the different kinds of vaporizers, tips, tricks, and advice that vapers will find useful, and by providing the most in-depth vaporizer reviews on the internet. Since the vaporizer industry is constantly growing, it seems like a new vaporizer is released every week. That can make it hard for even seasoned vapers to keep up, which is why you have us. We help you to choose the right vaporizer for you by focusing on the specific aspects that are important to vapers regardless of whether they are beginners or veterans. Here is what we take into account when we rate each product: What we consider in our reviews. Is the design of the vaporizer distinct or interesting? Is it ergonomically designed so that it feels good to hold? If it’s a handheld vaporizer, how portable-friendly is it? Does the vaporizer have any unique features that make it stand out? Are those features actually useful or are they gimmicky? Does the vaporizer have a smartphone app and is it useful? Do you need the app to access any of the vaporizer’s features or can they be accessed on the device itself? If it’s a dry herb vaporizer, what type of heating method does it use? Does it have precise temperature/voltage control or does it use presets?

What is the temperature/voltage range, or what are the temperature/voltage settings? Does the kit have all the tools you need to get started? Is the draw resistance of the vaporizer high or low? How easy or difficult is it to access or replace parts of the device? Is the price justified by the quality and performance of the vaporizer? Is the vaporizer worth more or less than the listed price? As you can tell by the criteria listed above, our rating method is a mix of the objective and the subjective. When it comes to the subjective opinions, you can trust our team because they have been into vaping almost as long as vaporizers have been around. We have used and tested dozens of vaporizers in all available categories, so our experience is unparalleled.

After we rigorously test each device, we express our opinion in an easy to understand five point number system. That way you can get an idea of the vaporizer’s quality at a glance, but if you want a more detailed opinion, you can read the whole review. When ranking vaporizers, we are looking for a high price/ performance ratio.


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