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Trident Glass Large Old School Fume Bong

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Trident Glass Large Old School Fume Bong

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Amazing large Old School Fume bong from Trident Glass out of Eugene, OR. If you got in a time machine and traveled back to early days of borosilicate bongs around 1990, this is exactly the type of tube you would see – and back then the state of the art would be a thin-walled, odd-sized stem with a rubber grommet, and some flower bowl that needed a rubber O-ring to seal up in the stem. This was an innovative start for borosilicate glass in general, but it had a lot of traits that were less than desirable. This large Old School Fume bong is an homage to those late 80’s/early 90’s pieces that helped build the industry and culture – only it’s made with top quality 4mm Schott tubing, with carefully blasted glass-on-glass joints and a percolated stem, gold fuming on the base and mouthpiece for color, a beautifully gold-fumed old school flower bowl, and an ice indent in the neck so you can cool things down with ice. It’s better in every way a bong can be better than those back then, but it has that old school look that is fantastic! At a full 21 inches in height with a dual ball base, if you fill that tall neck with ice your pull is cooled down to something like an arctic breeze. Also, because this is blown with 4mm tubing it’s lighter than you would expect in the hand at

1.6 pounds dry. Made in Eugene Oregon by Trident Glass!

Hand blown custom unique glass works from the best artists in Oregon, Washington. Online headshop, cannabis pipes, bongs, oil rigs, bowls, jars, stash art.

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