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The type of license should be for a cosmetologist or nail technician. If someone refuses to talk about a license or won't produce it, that should throw up a red flag. It's very possible the person or business is not licensed to perform the service. Items such as paper nail files, orangewood sticks, pumice stones, or foam flip-flops don't survive the cleaning and disinfection process.

If you see that these items are used or dirty, ask for a new, clean item. Multi-use tools that are metal and plastic must be cleaned and disinfected with each new client. If there is an appearance of lotion, skin, hair or anything that shows the tool hasn't been cleaned or disinfected, it shouldn't be used. Ask the cosmetologist or nail technician to clean and disinfect the item before it is used on you. The manicuring table is required to be properly sanitized between each client. A sterilizer (a container filled with a disinfectant solution for sterilizing manicuring tools) should be visible on the table. The manicuring tools also must be properly sanitized between each client. Manicuring requires the use of chemicals (such as acetone) and salons must be properly ventilated. If you are conscious of a strong chemical odor, proper ventilation may not be in place.

The price list for all services must be posted in a conspicuous place in the salon. No salon may use any advertising which is misleading or inaccurate or misrepresent any materials or services, terms, values or policies. If something doesn't look or feel right, trust your instincts and ask questions. If you become uncomfortable or experience unexpected pain, immediately interrupt or stop the service. If you received service, but you were unhappy and want to file a complaint, then you can do so through the state department, Oregon Health Licensing Agency. In most cases they offer the ability to submit your complaint online or allow you to download the file manually and mail or fax it in. If the information for this salon needs to be updated, please use our Salon Update Form to submit the correct business information. 8 Must-Haves to Keep Your Valuables Safe on the Beach. AquaVault’s packable FlexSafe beach safe locks to lounge chairs and can fit your keys, phone, wallet, and more. These clever locking beach bags, portable safes, and other security devices are the best way to avoid theft at the beach this Labor Day weekend and beyond. Barcelona’s Guàrdia Urbana municipal police force told CNN that it has had to issue 174 emergency clothing kits to beachgoers this summer after a spate of thefts at Barcelona’s city beaches . These “support packs” contain a T-shirt, flip-flops, pants, and a metrocard so victims of beach theft can make their way back to their hotels in more than just a bathing suit. As tourism numbers surge in Barcelona, so has the city’s crime rate , the Spanish daily newspaper El País reports. But beach theft can happen anywhere—even on some of the best beaches in the world. The best way to make sure your belongings are safe while you swim is to leave as much as possible back in your hotel room and to make sure someone stays with your valuables at all times once you’re beachside. But sometimes that’s not realistic, especially if you’re traveling solo or not staying close to the water. Before you head to the coast this Labor Day weekend—or on any beach getaway later this winter—consider packing one of these locking beach bags, clever water bottle safes, or lock boxes to give yourself peace of mind and thwart would-be thieves. If you’re only bringing your cell phone and hotel key card to the beach, consider stringing this waterproof pouch around your neck while you take a dip. With more than 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this cell phone carrier is not only waterproof but also touch-friendly, so you can snap pics while you’re in the ocean, too. The medium-sized SealLine e-case attached to a wristcoil will fit car keys, some cash, and a credit card, too, AFAR assistant editor Sara Button says. She also confirms that it seals all the way and can be submerged for half an hour. Fans of TV show Shark Tank might recognize its featured AquaVault FlexSafe, a portable safe that can be easily locked with a three-digit combination to a beach lounge chair or umbrella while you go swimming. (But make sure they are heavy-duty enough that thieves can’t walk off with the chair or umbrella with the safe attached.) Made with water- and slash-resistant fabric, this packable lightweight bag is roomy enough to fit your phone, wallet, passport, camera, and keys. One of AFAR’s favorite water bottles for travel , the Bindle Bottle has a small compartment built into its bottom to subtly stash things you don’t want sitting out on your beach blanket. AFAR associate editor Maggie Fuller says it’s not the ultimate answer since it doesn’t lock to anything, but it can be a helpful cash- and key-stash in a pinch. Volume Purchase Discount : Contact Us on orders over 500 bags – terms and pricing incentives.

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