newport zero torch review

They are both of value to us as well as to our potential customers. I sincerely apologize for what you've been going through with your Tera's. We have had some reported issues like this but it doesn't seem to be a systemic issue considering how many we’ve sold and how many issues like this has been reported. The defective rate on the Tera is no better nor worse than any other vape we carry.

With that said though, I want to make sure that you are taken care of on this issue. I see, in a service ticket that we currently have open for you, that you are dealing directly with Boundless on this. While you are a customer of theirs, you are also a customer of ours so please keep me posted in that ticket as to how things proceed. This is my 2nd one and I'm so much in LOVE with it, as is 1 year and 3 months that I haven't smoked with combustion involved. I feel great just vaporizing it , no smell , no ashtray , no fire. I recommend to everybody, and THANK you Planet of the Vapes , to make everything go easy on buying and selling and sending THANK YOU ! Buy a couple of Arizer stems and a hydro tube and you have an absolute beast with great flavor. Includes: Base Mounting (510 Threading) Free Shipping On Every Order!

This glass globe attachment has no question as to why it is one of our best sellers. It is designed to be used with any vaporizer battery that uses 510 threading, which lucky for you are most of the vaporizers. The best part about this attachment is it does not clog! That’s right, unlike other attachments that try to put unique placements for there “carb”, this one doesn’t need any additional bells and whistles. Our glass globe attachments are a little different than the average one. The glass we use on ours are thicker and more sturdy, allowing you not to worry too much about accidents. This features a cool technological innovation that we consider our favorite. This glass globe attachment does not clog and doesn’t burn off any plastic or harmful toxins. The skillet/nail is ceramic with a coil wrapped wick. We do not suggest using a dabber or a tool to handle the coil. As the coil goes through more wear and tear, it starts to get more brittle. This causes the coil to snap off and won’t continue to heat, becoming useless. The glass globe attachment is sure to provide the best vaporization experience possible. Vaporizers have become increasingly popular over the past few years extending to the herbal industries. Celebrities are even coming out to recommend different vaporizers like Whoopie Goldberg has. However, each year brings new inventions and new tech that crosses over to the vaporizer industry. Glass globe vaporizers are one such new technology and we believe this one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Many users are hesitant to accept this new technology as they are more concerned with capacity and durability of their vaporizer, but the new glass globe vaporizer products are simply outdoing the competition at every turn because of this. Especially since vaporizers are sort of new, this attachment has taken the pro and cons of different atomizers and made the best of the best. Unlike other tanks and chambers, glass globe vaporizers have found a way to eliminate clogging and in turn improve user experience. This new technology for attachment will give clean, crisp, and satisfying vapors provide an entirely new way to enjoy your smoke. No need to refill every time you take a puff with this dab pen accessory. Its high capacity can hold up to 0.3g of concentrate which eliminates the need to refill constantly. We don’t recommend filling up your ceramic coil with the full 1/3 of a gram. If the coil stops heating while it is fully packed, then it will be much harder getting it out and putting it into a new coil.

Once again, this is incredibly convenient and much more palatable for users. In general, glass globe attachments are constructed from tempered glass. The coils for them can be either medical grade stainless steel or ceramic which increases the overall value of the product. In fact, rarely do we see vaporizers that are constructed from these high quality and high grade materials. You usually see them with plastic chambers or atomizers since it is so much cheaper to make, but it’s never taken into account that heat should be never around or too close to plastic. The toxins and fumes that burn off can be very serious to your health. If you are a sucker for a sexy design then you will quickly fall in love with the glass globe vaporizer. This item when bought as a full kit comes with a few add-ons like a USB charger, battery, and even a carrying case for portability.

Wherever you are, you will be able to easily charge this vaporizer and use it whenever you would like. Is it a ceramic nail or metal nail and can I purchase additional coils?


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