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Not a masking agent; Bio-Shock kills odour at the source Quick behavior , removes the unpleasant smells in just 4 hours, depending on intensity Secure for all interior spaces for 24 hours. The key is that ClO2 is a gas that penetrates deeper and faster than other non-gas materials. The negatively charged odour molecules are drawn to ClO2 molecules like an iron magnet.

All that is achieved by the 100% biodegradable non-toxic Bio-Shocker product line, which leaves none to be burnt and is 100% manufactured in the US. Can be used in all interior rooms Easy to use, all it takes is to add water Made from eco-friendly ingredients Acts fast eliminate odors in at little as 4 hours. Natural Magic is a brand that made a name for itself by creating safe bio-friendly products. Their air-purifying gel is not only inexpensive but pleasant and efficient at destroying bad odors. Combined with the fact that it is available in 6 different fragrances, the product turned into a popular air freshener. The air freshener works pretty much the same as most other products on our list. All it takes is to take the jug it comes in and removes the cap. It can then be placed in any interior room and just forget that it is there for about 90 days as this is how much it lasts.

Looking at its efficiency, the ingredients used in the air freshener can help absorb a variety of odors such as garbage, smoke, fish, food, shoes and most importantly, cigarette smoke smell. As it is so inexpensive, it is quite difficult to find a better deal. The Gonzo natural magic odour absorbing gel is a rare, all-natural product that exposes a fresh odour of a clean home and makes it an important element for daily care. When you live in stinky environments, you may depend on us to build a safe, smell-free environment. Gonzo Natural Magic can eliminate chronic odours inside or without your house, keeping the environment odor-free. Inexpensive and efficient Can neutralize a variety of odors including cigarette smoke smell Lasts of up to 90 days Available in 6 different fragrance to choose from. Febreze air freshener comes in the form of a small spray can that is designed to be used whenever it is needed to neutralize odors. It is a practical solution especially for the ones that for example do not always smoke in a particular room. As expected, the air freshener can deal with a wide variety of odors including cigarette smoke. Some it neutralizes while others it just overpowers with its own fragrance. The fragrance of the air freshener is light and inoffensive, leaving a clean scent behind. In terms of value for money, the air freshener is inexpensive and comes in packs of 3 which can save a bit of money. When used, the fragrance will remain noticeable for at least 4 hours and will need to be reapplied whenever necessary. If you come in the path of the stinky, hit the Febreze AIR to remove smells on location. Spray the air around the whole house in a swept movement to eliminate scents from daily household pets and baths to detect persistent smoking to lingering kitchen smells . You will clear out smells and add freshness with Febreze AIR freshener. Comes with a pleasant fresh scent Lasts for at least 4 hours Neutralizes odors almost instantly Inexpensive, available in multi-packs. Ozium air freshener was specifically made to deal with cigarette smoke and several other undesired odors. It is not that expensive and does a really good job. As it is not a spray, the air freshener just needs to be placed in a room and it will continuously eliminate odors. The freshener uses a twist top which allows the user to control the intensity of the scent.

It will work in small to medium rooms but for more spacious environments, it will not be able to eliminate odors efficiently. For this particular air freshener, Ozium used a gel formula that evaporates slower thus lasting significantly longer. It is quite small, so it can be concealed easily and has a pleased and inoffensive scent. The air freshener can keep bad odors under control and eliminate cigarette smoke smell. The Ozium gel air freshener helps you to put the centered gel wherever you can. It can be found in your vehicle, house, workshop, desk, cruise, and locker. Its small nature makes it simple, using the peel off the base tape cover, to conceal containers under the couch, behind the toilet, or under a fridge, or locker . Small, easy to conceal Pleasant and inoffensive scent Gel-based air freshener which lasts longer Twist top to control the scent intensity. Buyer’s Guide – Best Air Fresheners For Cigarette Smoke.

Cigarette smoke is unpleased for smokers and it is even more unbearable for the ones that do not smoke at all. It is that kind of smell that is difficult to remove. Even with all the windows open, it still lingers around. There is not much in particular to look out for when searching for an air freshener to deal with cigarette smoke. They all work to a certain degree, but it is true that some work better than others.


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