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Back in New York in the late 1980s, the founder was a really huge fan of legendary rapper LL Cool J, and would literally hang out in places the rapper did, purely on the off chance of meeting him. His friends came up with the nickname 'Cool Jay' for him. A decade later, he was trying to think of a name for his brand new menthol rolling papers, and the name 'Cool Jay' came back to him. After the success of the menthol papers, he created his first flavoured paper - watermelon, and named them Juicy Jay. You're buying Original Juicy Jay's King Size Papers, choose free from the following flavours.

The following flavours are available at the moment: Blackberry Brandy Blueberry Bubble Gum Very Cherry Doube Dutch Chocolate Coconut Cotton Candy Grape Green Apple Jamaican Rum Mello Mango Liquorice NEW! Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon. Size is King Size (Longpaper) Please wrote us your desired tastes. Dragon Pipe Hand blown spectacular artwork this dragon pipe has been made from high-quality.. Bio Steamroller Blue or Clear For Sale Has been made from high quality extra thick glas.. Titanium Skillet Steamroller This is a most have tools for your oil needs. ODB Glass Steamroller This steamroller has been made for oil and comes with a dome and glass ..

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What to call the plant, the paraphernalia, and the products (without sounding like an old hippie) Cannabis lovers are constantly coming up with new ways to talk about cannabis, cannabis consumption, and types of cannabis. This includes references to how weed is measured, cultural and consumption slang, as well as concentrate-specific terms and phrases. We’ve broken down some of the most common slang for weed to help you get your vocabulary a little higher. Slang for Weed (the plant itself): Cannabis has been known to grow “like a weed”, sprouting up anywhere it finds warmth and moisture, similar to common weeds. Generally referring to premium cannabis or the “nugs” of the plant. These are the top most flowering buds of the cannabis stalk and often contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids.

Similar to nug, the term finds its origins in the description of a specific part of the plant. While commonly used to describe wet, moist and unpleasant areas, it is also used to refer to premium cannabis. Similar to skunky smells being unpleasant to many but desirable in cannabis aromas, a “dank” quality to your cannabis is a good thing. This term has Spanish origins, dating back to Mexican slang for those under the influence known as “greefo” which later became abbreviated as reefer.


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