nectar collector 3.0

The most useful aspect of the Dipper is the ability to dab. A normal vaporizer might cost the same amount or more but without this functionality. If you prefer consuming concentrates, the Dipper might be a great product for you.

If you were describing it to a friend how would you explain it and give it relevance? The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is unique because it provides a simple, easy way to dab. This product is affordable and gives the user a clean, controlled hit of concentrate whether it’s a dab on the go or standard vapor. This product attaches to the Dipper and your favorite glass piece or rig. This allows you to dab at home using your glass device without needing a butane torch. Using a butane torch can be dangerous not only because it shoots out heat but because the parts on a traditional rig that it heats up are left exposed, possibly putting the consumer at risk to burn themselves. The Dipper, whether attached to a rig or used independently, requires no butane torch whatsoever.

Overall, the Dipper is no hassle, affordable, and multi-functional. Visit Dipstick Vapes ===> Top Cannabis Product Reviews. Hit The “Sign Up” button below and CannaInsider will send you an occasional e-mail about the most exciting and interesting new products in the cannabis marketplace. We review the most popular CBD oils, vaporizers, cannabis accessories, and more. Get started by hitting the orange sign up button below now! Unfortunately, the DipStick Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place. DipStick Vaporizer Includes: – Dipstick Vaporizer – 2 X Nickel plated chrome coils with ceramic wrapped tips – 1 X Magnetic coil covers – 2 X 3.7 volt batteries – 1 X Battery charger – Screwdriver bit – 2 X Glass concentrate covers – 2 X Long cleaning swabs – 1 X Lanyard – User manual. Small and Very Portable Simple Maintenance and Easy to Clean Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery 3 Year Warranty NIckel-Plated Chrome Coil Ceramic Heating Coil Stainless Steel Vapor Path (Removable) Made from Medical Grade Material. The sleek style of this innovative design promotes The Dipstick vaporizer as a top selected choice to meet the demands of wax concentrate vape enthusiast. Styled to perform and deliver, The Dipstick offers this genre of vapers the same level of freestyle on-the-go vaping that is associated with other vaping methods. With the induction of this device into the vaping community, wax vape pens will definitely need to step up their game. The makers of The DipStick haven’t created a dry herb vaporizer yet but just know that when they do, it will most probably be on another level. The benefits of the wax dab pens are well received as primo sublime levels of intense enjoyment and very popular.. The mess from the residual products was too conspicuous in every sense. The accumulation of the accessories and tools were illogical for mobility. They got lost and they also drew too much attention. Then there was the maintenance levels that was related to the units and the common devices used to consume this type of product. The Dipstick wax vaporizer is a whole unit designed to deliver wax concentrate vape enthusiasts, almost like an electric nectar collector. The model is a uniform design that doesn’t entail the accessories and tools that encumber a vaper. There is no over production of by-products, and the maintenance that is involved is relatively effortless. Performance of The DipStick: As a first of its kind, The Dipstick vaporizer has set the precedence to follow. The designers and the manufactures have covered every angle for attaining perfection in the way this unit works. The tip stays temperate so that you can hit it then hit it again successively.

Every time you delve to reap this units bounty, you will get that same great amazing flavor. The vapor clouds are the most extensive and dense you could expect.

They stay on that same raucous level from the beginning to the end of every load. This unit is amazing with its ability for the user to partake of a little of his or her wax concentrate now, then it lets you come back and experience that same major vaping producing succession later.


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