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What’s up with Nate Dogg’s Da Bomb Blunt Wraps??

What is the real story? Are they really going outo f business? if they are really going out of business what is the deal? what happened? can anybody out there tell me?

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Still see the products for sale and the official website is still there so apparently the business is doing okay.

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Nobody even talked about Nate Dogg before his death, but now everyone’s crying and committing suicide over him. BQ: 10/10

I’m doing basic obedience right now. My trainer hasn’t once handled my dog. He has shown me how to handle my dog by using his own dog but that’s about it. The reasoning is that I need to learn how to do these basic corrections and what not myself. Learn more

I have never considered sending my dog away for training. I guess I haven’t found that much of a problem with him to even think about it.

Again, it may also have to do with the level of training you are looking for etc. No idea lol. I’m not a trainer. I think a first time dog owner needs to learn simple commands and how to handle their dog themselves as well.

Dog training techniques are as controversial as abortion, Palestine and Bill O’Reilly. But, which dog training techniques can you trust to get you out of the dog house? It will help if you think about dog training techniques as being in one of two categories: balanced and imbalanced.

The discussion about which dog training technique to use when training a dog is one that resembles a discussion between an Israeli and a Palestinian. Each one seems absolutely certain of their position and is more than ready to vilify those who don’t share their views on dog training. But, if you look at dog training techniques and methods and evaluate their worth and effectiveness based on whether the approach is balanced, it’s a lot easier to weed out the garbage.

For the most part, trainers and their methods fall into two main categories. Those who do not use a physical consequence as a deterrent and those who do. There are many variations in the methods used by different trainers however, almost all trainers fall into one category or the other. Some trainers use food as a reward and never allow the dog to experience a negative consequence for a poor choice. Other trainers afford the dog the opportunity to experience a consequence for making poor choices.

The Use Of Food:

Using food is great in the sense that you will probably have a very happy dog on your hands when he realizes that the training comes with an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, using food to train your dog has some pitfalls we think you should be aware of.

Food is great if you just want to impress your guests with a couple silly pet tricks but, in the real world, your dog will probably be much more interested in chasing the cat than hanging around to get your silly, dry biscuit. So, if you are using food as the primary or sole motivator, you’re in for some disappointment when it comes time for your dog to perform in the real world.

Strictly Positive Reinforcement:

It is not difficult to find trainers who will tell you they use a kinder, gentler method than those used by consequence and reward trainers. They will tell you that your dog will be emotionally destroyed by the use of correction as a deterrent. Their goal is to sell you on their loving approach to dog training. They would have you believe that their method is much better than those old, barbaric correction methods.

If you try to train your dog with a method of training that is as imbalanced as this, you will be in for some serious disappointments. Sure, it sounds like a great idea; training your dog and never having to correct him for making a poor choice. Never having to do the very thing you like doing the least. However, no matter how distasteful the concept of physical consequence is to you, it is necessary if you want a really good dog. You cannot consistently praise a dog when he does something right and never give him a consequence for doing something wrong, and expect him to turn out balanced.

Consequence And Reward:

In some cases, dog training methods that involve physical consequence as a deterrent cause additional problems. Not by virtue of the fact that the dog received a physical consequence for his poor choice, but because the training was too harsh, improper, or the balance between consequence and reward was not achieved. A bad trainer can destroy any good training system. It is far from true that methods using consequence as a deterrent will result in a fearful dog. It all depends on the skill of the trainer, the manner in which the dog is corrected and the balance between consequence and reward.

Dog training techniques and methods that use a healthy balance between consequence and reward are without doubt, the most effective, healthy training techniques you can use. It is important to remember that consequence in NEVER connected to emotion while reward is always given with sincerity and love.

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What is the real story? Are they really going outo f business? if they are really going out of business what is the deal? what happened? can anybody out there tell me?

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So, I saw some blunt wraps for sale today with Nate Dogg on the wrapper and couldn’t help but notice the website emblazoned on it. A quick visit to the site tells us:

Da Bomb Blunts are much like a work of art!

It is a masterpiece that took two years to perfect and make it consumer ready. When da crew here at Da Bomb decided to go into the blunt wrap market we knew we had to do one thing, change the game. We peeped out all the competition, and knew the streets needed something hotter. Their flavors and packaging are tired, and ineffective. So we did what any hustla would do, we hit you with the most innovative street catchy packaging, that is as pleasing to the eye as a 36-24-36 dime piece. But we didn’t stop there, we came out with 22 flavor names that have spread like wild fire. Not only are the names catchy, they also have your mouth watering in anticipation of firing em up. As an added benefit our unique inner packaging forms a double seal keeping our precious wraps fresh long after the competition is all dry and cracked up. Here at Da Bomb we heard the streets cryin’ out and we delivered with our double up two blunt retail units available in a store near you. We know you have a choice, so buy Da Bomb, get blown, and stay smokin’ purple stuff.

What are the flavors, you ask? Well, there’s Bubonic Blueberry, California Chronic Peach, Cotton Mouth Cotton Candy, Da Bomb Strawberry, Dodolicious Apple Martini, Raggaeton Tequila, and Screwed & Chopped Purple Syrup. And that’s just a few of many.

The site also boasts 8 different “Da Bomb Blunt Whips” such as the “Screwed & Chopped H2.” There is also a page for “Da Bomb Squad” but it only contains the words “Coming Soon!” I can only imagine what that will be.

I just want to say, I’m so glad I decided to check out that website.

Happy Hour Cinema. Sports. Life in L.A. So, I saw some blunt wraps for sale today with Nate Dogg on the wrapper and couldn’t help but notice the website emblazoned on it. A ]]>