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Nalgene bottles are even made in the USA to reduce carbon emissions caused by shipping. Cheap water bottle cost: starting at $10.99 for their best-selling wide-mouth bottles, which are available in a variety of colors and designs. CamelBak started my obsession with water bottles as status symbols way back in middle school.

Everyone who was anyone had one of these bad boys, including my really cool grandma. I love the straw and the sturdy plastic that resists breaking on your crazy adventures. The Eddy is the more street-friendly bottle, but if you're ever going on any serious adventures, CamelBak is most famous for its water bladders that they invented for long distance bikers who were having a hard time staying hydrated. The tiny bladder backpack may not look the coolest, but hands-free hiking is the best. They're also great for Disney World trips (can you spot the straw hanging off my friend's backpack?). #SpoonTip: Straws are fun but they can also get nasty pretty quick.

Make sure to only drink water from these guys and clean them pretty regularly. I may or may not have learned this as a sixth grader trying to sneak Diet Pepsi into class because I am just that cool. Cheap water bottle cost: starting at $15.00 for the Eddy bottle. This bottle says "I am a certified adult-like person, but I still use my weekends irresponsibly." Simple Modern's Bolt bottle will catch people's eyes in your spin class, is adorable enough to take to actual class, but will also make you seem like you belong in a professional office. The Bolt bottle is also made of double-walled stainless steel, meaning it can keep your water cold and your coffee hot. Cheap water bottle cost: $14.99 for a 17 oz Bolt bottle. Ello Pure bottles solve the problem of me wanting cute, delicate things but not being graceful enough to not break those cute, delicate things. The silicon slipcover keeps the glass from shattering as easily and comes in an array of eye-catching colors to turn that bottle into a bona fide accessory. Cheap water bottle cost: the 20 oz Syndicate Bottle is normally $14.99 on Amazon. Polar Bottles are the original squeeze bottle that shoots water at borderline dangerous velocities—but that makes them fun. They're another made-in-the-USA brand with commitments to sustainability and adventure. The soft plastic construction of these bottles makes them incredibly durable, and the insulation keeps water cool without adding too much weight. Every month, they have a rotating artist series collection of fun designs and have the best selection of prints, including flags, sports teams, floras, tie-dye, and even a design your own bottle option. Cheap water bottle cost: a 20 oz Sports Bottle is only $12.99. Water bottles are critical in college, not only for personal hydration but also for planet saving purposes. Like laptop stickers, water bottles can clue someone into your personality from across the room and be great conversation starters (if anyone gets a date based on their water bottle selection, please let me know and tell me your ways). I know that if I can somehow dig up $20 a week for coffee, less than $15 for earth saving fashion forward bottles can also be found. With recreational and medical marijuana being decriminalized in many areas, more users than ever are toking up in the comfort of their own homes. But even in places where there are no legal issues with using marijuana, users typically prefer to keep their activities private, and courteously try to confine the smell of their marijuana use to their homes or apartments. At, we are concerned about the air quality of those around marijuana smokers, as well as the smokers themselves, so we commissioned a study to find the best methods for smokers to use to prevent particulate and odors from being released into the air. What follows are the results of our experiment (conducted in Colorado) measuring the scent of marijuana smoke in a typical apartment. In our study, we aimed to determine which forms of smoking create the largest amount of marijuana odor around or outside an apartment. For this experiment, we used a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Smoking was done in the bathroom, as is typical of those trying to hide the smell, with one room (the kitchen) between the bathroom and the front door. According to research done prior to testing, we found that the typical sizes of marijuana smoke particles fell in the .3 to .5 micron range – as small as 1/300th of the width of a human hair. To measure how common each type of particle was, our testing utilized the Fluke 985 Particle Counter, which counts the total number of particles of different sizes over a given period of time.

In our experiment, the smoke was tested over a span of 70 seconds – the time necessary to test one liter of air. Measurements were taken at the following times and locations: The bathroom , 60 seconds after smoking. Directly inside the front door , 5 minutes after smoking.

Directly outside the front door , 7 minutes after smoking. Between each test, the entire apartment was thoroughly aired out to bring all levels back to their baseline. .3 microns: 95,654.33 108,232.33 112,301.67 157,482.33.


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