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The filters are made of biodegradable unrefined cotton and do a few things to take your one-hitter game up a notch: they soften your inhale by diffusing the smoke; they prevent you from inhaling surprise embers; and perhaps most importantly, they filter out a ton of tar and gunk you’d be smoking from an unfiltered pipe. Think of how exciting it’ll be to take the used filter out and see all that schmutz you didn’t inhale! But also, this simple, sleek, beautiful metal one-hitter (which is really more of a four-hitter) feels great in your hand, and looks even better.

When you’re passing a solid gold spliff, everyone will be like daaaaammmnn . And you’ll be like, yeah, I read about these on WEEDGADGETS (you don’t have to say that, but it would be nice). Regular paper will seem totally dumb after you smoke yaself some gold. Amazon Bongs Guide | The Best Bongs on Amazon (2020) When it comes to smoking weed, bongs are amazing. When it comes to buying products online, it really doesn’t get much more convenient or easy than buying from Amazon. This 9.7″ bong from Abuden is a great basic glass bong for someone looking for a thick-lipped, durable bong that will last a long time. At less than 10 inches, this bong is perfect for someone looking for a discreet and portable smoking option. Features: Ice catcher Dual color (Blue and Transparent) Included 14mm Bowl and Stem.

Similar in size to the Abuden bong, this 10″ Sea Giant is beautifully designed and features all the basics of what you’d need in a daily driver bong. Features: Removable bowl Ice shelf Easy to clean design High borosilicate glass construction for durability. This miniature glass bong from SXA is funky and awesome. Its complex hand-crafted design is a conversation starter for sure. Funky handcrafted design Included Bowl Dual color (Green & Transparent) Compact 7″ height. Towards the lip of this bong is a smooth groove design that will enhance any high. High Borosilicate durable glass construction Ice shelf. This next bong, which is also from Yieng, features a more complex and intricate design aimed at a smoother smoking experience. Tree Perc Splash Guard Ice catcher Thick bowl included. This Yieng bong is super thick and dark if that’s your thing. It is much thicker than most other bongs and it is wrapped in a tasteful black/green that adds some personality to this amazon bong. This is likely one of the more durable bongs on Amazon. It is also extremely compact at just under 8 inches in height. Dark, wrapped design Thick lip Compact 7.8″ design Included glass bowl. This is one of the best Rick and Morty Bongs on Amazon. At only 8 inches in height, its perfectly portable and its thick, handmade design makes it super durable as well. Awesome Rick and Morty Artwork Two color choices: (White or Brown) Prime shipping available. Get everything you need to know about the cannabis industry in one kick-ass 5-minutes-a-week email at Dopeletter. Nasa gave spiders DRUGS – how their webs changed when high on weed, LSD and caffeine. Some of the stoned spiders gave up halfway while others spun their webs frantically – check out their wacky designs for yourself. NASA once fed spiders drugs like LSD and marijuana and then watched as the stoned bugs made "deformed" webs.

The space agency published the results of its bizarre experiment in 1995 – and they were as fascinating as you'd expect. You can see the abstract creations below, including webs weaved by spiders high on marijuana, LSD, caffeine and chloral hydrate. "The more toxic the chemical," wrote the researchers in their paper, "the more deformed a web looks in comparison with a normal web." They then quantified the alterations in each web using statistical tools and image processors to test the impact of different chemicals on spiders. Check out the results for yourself in the pictures below: Spiders exposed to LSD. Spiders given low doses of LSD – a class A drug in the UK that can land you up to seven years in prison for possession – made more geometrically regular patterns than when they were sober. The same can't be said for the creepy crawlies given the other drugs. This stoned spider seems to have given up on its web halfway through.

Nasa said the spiders who sampled the drug were easily sidetracked while building and left their webs unfinished. The spiders fed chloral hydrate gave up on their webs even faster than the ones who'd had a little cannabis. That may be because the chemical is a sedative that's used for the short-term treatment of insomnia in humans. A cup of coffee may wake you up in the morning, but it plays havoc on spiders. The webs they made were characterised by disorganised cells and a lack of the normal "hub and spoke" pattern, according to Mental Floss.


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