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Let us know with us using the hashtag #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ! Our science teacher claims that the pain comes from a small electrical shock, but we believe that this is due to the absorption of light. Please help us resolve this dispute!" Well, I guess this is the kind of mischief that kids are getting up to these days.

Still, it's better than half the stupid "tricks" I remember hearing about in my student days. That sounds like a blast .) Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps. Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps. We'd have to try it out on bare skin, without drawing anything. i just did it.It hurt more on my bare skin.probably because im black tho. I tried the silver sharpie;it hurts just as bad, if not worse. does this leave a permanent mark or damage to the hand i did this and its worrying me. I did this earlier and died :( lol hate to hear that :( We used black sharpie and phone flash - got the shock. We then used a very bright (more power than a simple laser pointer) green (532) laser and got same result, THOUGH it it took several seconds for it (the pain) to occur -suggesting heat vs an electric chock.

We used black sharpie and phone flash - got the shock. We then used a very bright (more power than a simple laser pointer) green (532) laser and got same result, THOUGH it it took several seconds for it (the pain) to occur -suggesting heat vs an electric chock. I tried it on myself and maybe felt the tiniest sensation of heat but that is it. You can't have your phone case on and it has to be over the vain on your wrist. Phone case isn't allowed to be on and the black sharpie has to be over the wrist. I did it on the back of my hand and it had the same affect as the wrist. It depends on how strong your phone's LED light is. Used a black sharpie and my flash delayed - which resulted in sooo much pain eek. Flash delayed on one try & hurt soooo much more than when the flash fired first go. How about having someone else hold the phone - can't complete the circuit in that case. You feel the pain be cause the circuit doesn’t complete and it is transferred into your skin and nerves. "if you elect to try this at home, you will probably hurt yourself, seeing as it is a process literally designed to induce pain" "probably hurt" "process literally designed to induce pain" Yeah, i'd say it probably hurts. One thing that occurs to me- different wavelengths can stimulate different molecules, just like a microwave oven has a wavelength tuned to excite water molecules. It seems likely the phone is radiating a wavelength that is tuned to a solvent in the sharpie ink. Especially since some people have said the sharpie doesn't have to be black. If someone has the appropriate equipment to analyze the spectrum coming off their iphone when they take a picture, it might answer the question. The cell phone radio and the wifi radio are both close to the frequency of a microwave oven. Have them do it blindfold and randomize whether the flash goes off or not. They'll be able to tell no better than chance whether there was a flash. Did it to my brother with a blindfold and didn’t tell him what I was doing. The phone flash will push out more light / power if it sees a dark subject so using black will amplify the effect. However, with the phone hard up against the skin, even lighter colours are going to be shaded from the ambient light. My son's friend done this and is trying to get him to do it he came home to tell me about it and wants to do it he's only 10 what can you compare the shock to and on a scale of 1to 10 how was the pain does it burn the skin I told him no but as a dumb parent lol have become so curious about it I wanted to try it myself haha. I stuck my doing a on a large battery like 12 volt and is it a shock like that or like a wire. Did it to myself and wound up with a tiny burn wound in that spot I was doing it on. As long as you don’t keep pressing the button to take a picture a bunch of times, he won’t end up with a burn wound or anything (I did it quite a few times to test if the shock would increase over multiple times, which it did, and which is why it burned my skin). The shock/burn is barely anything, it wouldn’t even compare to the shock you feel from an exposed wire or 12 volt battery, it’s nothing near that.

You may need to do it 2 or 3 times in a row though since you the first time you take the picture, you don’t feel anything, it takes a couple times to actually feel it. Different phones seem to change the amount of pain you get from it too. I am black, african, like blacker than Wesly Snipes black, and i got shocked. The same thing had happened to me when I was sipmly taking a photo against my skin. Maybe it works without sharpie when you have a darker complexion. Haven't tried it with just the light remaining on yet. Ive tried it with a sharpie it works,i tried it with bare skin it did not work, i then tried it on a 12 year old slightly faded black tattoo and it worked it got me good so im inclined to think that it is not chemical feel free to to email me your thoughts at [email protected] The LED in a smartphone flash has nowhere near the luminance to transfer enough energy to heat a black square.

A cell phone 'flash' is simply a lower powered LED, output around 40 lumens. Thats about 1/40th watt-seconds of light, with almost none of it in the infrared wavelength. Only a fraction of that energy is absorbed by the black mark.


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