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Aside from Thor (and Hela halting it in mid-air), we’ve only seen Vision lift Mjolnir before, although Steve Rogers managed to shift it a fraction. Could Thanos be the first villain to truly wield it? As soon as Thanos appeared in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, a meme was born, with fans comparing his look to everyone from Bruce Willis to Hank Hill. Here, though, was one of the most common comparisons of all, picturing Thanos next to Rick Harrison, one of the stars of History Channel’s Pawn Stars . There’s definitely a resemblance, and it’s pretty funny to imagine Thanos giving up on his epic cosmic quest to obtain the Godlike powers of the Infinity Stones and instead settling down to own a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

Hell, he’s been a farmer in the comics, so why not a small business owner, too? It may not be as glamorous as conquering the universe, but it’s a way to make a living, those golden Infinity Gauntlets aren’t cheap, you know. The sparkling golden glove with inlaid gems is pretty spectacular, truth be told, and that’s even before you find out about the near-omnipotent powers that it comes with. It's really no wonder that Thanos talked about it bringing a smile to his face in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War . His quest for the fabled Gauntlet is a well-known one in Marvel comics. It took a long time for him to acquire all the gems, but when he did, one of his first acts was to wipe out half of all sentient life in the universe. Thankfully, the combined might of all the heroes of the Marvel Universe brought him down and reversed his evil deeds, but if that’s anything to go by his appearance in the MCU is certainly nothing to smile about. Aside from being a convincingly terrifying threat in the trailer, when Thanos showed up in the Avengers: Infinity War sneak peek, many fans couldn’t help but be reminded of someone else. To be honest, they couldn’t help but be reminded of many people, as this meme list proves. One of those comparisons was between Thanos and another imposing ogre, albeit one who hasn’t got plans to take over the universe (that we know of): Shrek.

Yes, if you change the skin color from purple to green and add some comical ear stalks, the Mad Titan bears more than a passing resemblance to the swamp-dwelling hero of Far Far Away. If only there was a talking donkey in the Marvel Universe, and we may get an epic reunion. Thanos showed up in the Avengers Infinity War trailer and made taking over the world look easy. With what looks like minimal effort, he acquired two Infinity Stones, and time will tell just how many more he gets before the end of the movie. With such stylish flair as that, there was only one comparison to be made: Thanos was the new Salt Bae. This hilarious mashup makes for a pretty great illustration and is exactly how Thanos comes across in the trailer. He even talks about how this all brings a smile to his face, which just proves that he’s having as much fun as someone can by taking over the world. If the real Salt Bae has shown us anything, it’s that by adding a little flair to everyday tasks, you can make anything glamorous, be it adding salt to a steak or conquering the galaxy. We’ve been waiting on Thanos a long time at this point, and with nearly six years between his first appearance and his arrival in 2018, fans have been wondering just what took him so long. His announcement in the mid-credits stinger of Avengers: Age of Ultron that he’ll “do it himself” implied that his arrival was imminent, but that was nearly three years ago. As we saw at the end of Thor: Ragnarok , he looks to have acquired quite a large spaceship, implying that it needs to be that massive to hold his gargantuan cosmic army, so many that took a while to sort out. Throw in the fact that he had to get that fancy gauntlet of his made, while sitting around in a space throne looking menacing and the guy has been pretty busy. Another crossover made possible by a merger of Disney and Fox, we could soon be seeing The Simpsons in the Marvel cinematic universe! Ok, maybe not, but we were certainly never expecting to see Spider-Man in an Avengers film either, and look how that turned out. Despite Thanos talking about how the Infinity Gauntlet makes him smile, we can’t help but notice how surly he looks in the trailer, and when it comes to grumpy father figures (he’s Gamora and Nebula’s dad at least) no one compares to Homer J. We can even hear Thanos letting out a “D’oh!” when his plans are inevitably foiled by the likes of Captain America. Following the mashup to its logical conclusion, that would make Marge Mistress Death, Gamora, Drax and Nebula and Lisa, Bart and Maggie, and Adam Warlock the closest thing to Homer’s adversary: Ned Flanders. From a giant grape to a California Raisin, Thanos has been compared to pretty much every purple thing you can imagine at this point, which is still better than being compared to Ivan Ooze like Apocalypse was when the last X-Men movie came out. Still, it’s easy to see how this comparison came about, as Thanos’ chin does look rather more wrinkly that we were expecting, and his skin color a little more pink than purple. Let’s face it, we’re bound to have a little fun at the big guy’s expense, but the Infinity War trailer was amazing. Seeing Thanos finally throw down with the heroes of the MCU is the realization of a franchise over a decade in the making, and promises to be every bit as good as all of the hype piled on it. Welcome to Earth, Thanos, we can’t wait to see what you do. Registered Exolyt users can add profiles to their favourites. When you add TikTok users to your favourites, we will make sure that their data and analytics is up-to-date.

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