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Allow the mixture simmer for anywhere from 2-5 hours, stirring every half an hour and adding water as needed. Regarding your desired strength of butter, you can leave it for longer or shorter time. Line a fine-mesh strainer with a cheesecloth and place over a glass bowl. Use the bowl you plan to store the butter in when done.

The strainer and cheesecloth together will get rid of any useless chunks of plant matter left in the butter when it’s finished cooking. Pour the liquid butter through the strainer into your glass bowl. Pour slowly and don’t wait for the butter to cool off. Use the back of a wooden spoon or spatula to press excess butter out of the solids remaining. Fold the cheesecloth over and squeeze to eliminate any last butter. Make sure you get every last drop out of the cheesecloth to avoid wasting any weed. Refrigerate the liquid butter, covered, for 3-5 hours, then scrape off the water on top . As the butter cools the water will separate from the butter. Here you have to adjust the amount of marijuana, not the butter if you want to change the strength.

You can also adjust the cooking times, cooking less for less potent weed, however, this is just a waste of weed- fewer buds cooked for a long time will get the same results. If you want a quick edible treat, quick cook in under an hour. This method does not require a pre-break to make it. Regular butter without salt has healthy MCTs and other fatty acids; some people prefer to use coconut oil which has unbelievable health benefits and an awesome taste. The oil can be used in cooking or applied to alternative medicine practitioners. You can also consider the ‘single pot method.’This is the simplest and easiest method for those who aren’t so much into cooking. This method, when done correctly can produce some of the strongest butter available since it has fewer materials for the cannabinoids to stick and doesn’t use a strainer. You only need a few basic ingredients like salted butter, tap water, and of course, a good amount of trimmings, buds, or a mix of both. When harvest day is on the rise, a sense of excitement lies in the air. We invest a lot of time, money, and love, to guarantee ideal conditions for our precious plants. Let’s be honest, as soon as trichomes begin to change in colour, most of us get nervous and can’t wait to manicure, dry and cure. After countless hours of being highly concentrated on trimming like an artist, following question might arises: What to do with the large amounts of trim and lower grade buds? It’s only logical for us to use all the THC and other cannabinoids, provided by our plants. One way of using our trim is producing delicious and potent cannabis butter. This blog will walk you through the step-by-step process of making butter, using the “long simmering method”. If you are really interested in producing a butter that is strong, delicious and perfectly natural, then look no further and try this recipe. 28g of cured trimmings (preferably the small, sugary bud leaves) 14g of cannabis blossoms (choose the quality you like) 250g of salted butter (salted butter = higher melting point) 300ml of tap water (plus approximately 50ml for every hour of simmering) 1x cooking pot (pan works fine) 1x sharp knife (for fast results use kitchen blender) 1x stove (camping cooker can be a mobile option) 1x cheese cloth (a fine kitchen sieve , or any kind of finer mesh material does the job) Storage containers (glasses look very nice, plastic can also be used) Anything from 8-24 hours of your time (due to the long-simmering at low heat) - Disclaimer: you experiment at your own risk - This recipe is meant to produce very potent butter. It uses 28g grams of sugary bud leaves, together with 14 grams of buds. The trimmings and buds are a blend of two different strains, one being indica-dominant, with strong Afghani influences, and Cheese. The raw material has been cured in jars for 14 days. If this is your first time making cannabis butter, you might want to use substantially less raw material and experiment with lower amounts of trim and bud. Producing cannabis butter always involves the risk of doing an excellent job, and ending up with a product that is very potent. Be responsible and slowly work your way up until you reached the desired effect. Sometimes it takes up to 3 hours until you feel anything. There is the potential risk of throwing up and having a bad trip full of self-doubt, anxiety and paranoia.

Try to relax when you ate too much, you feel better the next morning. Do not operate any heavy machinery, including cars when being under the influence of cannabis butter. The effect can last up to 8 hours and has a strong influence on your skills, necessary to operate any kind of machinery. You might end up having problems operating a microwave.

STAGE 1 - FIND A PLACE TO COOK, BUY INGREDIENTS, CHOP UP RAW MATERIAL. Think of the delicious but risky smell when choosing a location to produce your butter.


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