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Cool Chillums: How to Use a Mini Chillum

Posted by Nate Ackerman · July 18, 2019

Chillums are great for smoking on the go and with groups of people. They’re easy to use, easy to pack, and are very discreet. You can find cool chillums with beautiful designs and fun extras that make the smoking experience so much better.

How Chillums Work

The defining characteristics of chillums is their cigar shape. They’re wider than cigarettes and the bowl on the end looks similar to a cigar. A regular bowl for smoking requires you to put the herb on top where you can see it, and there is typically an opening on the side to control the airflow.

A mini chillum is typically a straight glass pipe with no airflow control. You simply light it and inhale. They are one of the easiest pieces to smoke out of since there is nothing else you need to worry about. Pack it up, light the herb, inhale, and enjoy.

Packing a Chillum

The only things you need to use cool chillums are the pipe, herb, and a lighter. A grinder and a poker may also be able to enhance your chillum smoking experience. By grinding the herb up before packing it in, you ensure a smoother smoking experience and a more even burn. After grinding the herb up, lightly press it into the bowl end of the chillum.

The poker is great to ensure that the pipe is not clogged before you pack it as that can mess with the overall smoking experience. Not cleaning your pipe can make it difficult to get a puff due to clogged airflow. Packing it without jamming it too tight will give the best smoking experience.

Reasons to Smoke a Chillum

Cool chillums are a good choice for smoking because you can hold a full bowl’s worth of herb, they’re durable, and they’re very easy to cherry. Cherrying means only having to light the herb once before passing it around.

Instead of fumbling around with a carb or excess burning with something rolled, a chillum combines efficiency and ease like no other smoking piece. Thanks to the depth of it, the bowl end of a chillum is also more secure than a regular bowl, meaning you can pack it and take it with you to smoke later.

A Chillum Replacement

If you’re looking for a cool chillum, but don’t want to use a glass piece due to portability, you still have options! A smoking kit has a multi-hitter similar to a chillum but is the approximate size of a cigarette instead of a cigar.

With a deeper than regular one-hitter, you’ll get several quality hits instead of one before needing to repack it. Smokits come with a grinder card, poker/dabber tool, and silicone container for extra storage so you’re really getting an all-in-one smoking kit.

Affordably priced at under $20 and with free shipping, Smokit give you an affordable way to discreetly smoke on the go. When you’re looking for a comparable replacement for cool chillums that you can smoke on the go, check out the sweet kits from Smokit!

You’ve heard of cool chillums, right? They’re a great alternative to bowls and allow you the convenience of smoking on the go with friends or on your own!

Jellyfish Glass Mini Chillum

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A Smaller Version of a Popular Chillum

  • 2.5″ long
  • 3-Hole Design
  • Variety of Available Colors
  • ⚑ Made in America

When it comes to discretion, smaller is better. The Jellyfish Glass Mini Chillum is only 2.5″ long and less than an inch in diameter, easy to slip away in a pocket or purse yet with a bowl large enough for a good smoke. Compare this with our larger Jellyfish Glass Chillums, which are 3.5″ long, and you can see why these lead in discretion!

These Mini Chillums are available in a variety of cool colors and are each made with Jellyfish Glass’s 3-hole design, a pinched funnel that allows 3 times more airflow than a traditional chillum!

So when it comes to enjoying the tastes of your favorite herbal blends, there’s no need to break the bank. These small tasters are the perfect combination of price, quality, and style!

Available in Assorted Colors

Use the “Preferred Color” option* above to see what colors we have available and request a specific one, or simply leave it as “Randomly Awesome” and we will pick one for you.

  • *We cannot guarantee your requested color will be in stock. Un-check the “Allow Color Substitution” box and we will help you get what you want; otherwise we will substitute an available color.
  • *Available colors are subject to change without notice, because we manually check our color quantities and these items are available in an assortment.

Hand Made in America by Jellyfish Glass

Jellyfish Glass Studios is an American company from Arizona, USA, producing high-quality glass works with attention to detail. All of their pieces are made by skilled artisans, and these Mini Chillums are no exception. Because they’re made by hand, they may vary slightly in height.

You don't need to break the bank for a stylish, quality chillum. The Jellyfish Glass Mini Chillum is made in America and sure to impress! Grab one today. ]]>