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Proper curing and drying can increase the potency of the weed and make it high-quality. It not only affects the flavor but also the smoke and makes it smoother. As you know, marijuana plants produce cannabinoids.

This process is termed biosynthesis, in which different blends of these cannabinoids are produced. The conversion of non-psychotic cannabinoids into THC may continue well after you have cut the plant. However, the weed needs to be in certain conditions for this to happen. Temperature of 60-70 ° F and humidity of 45-55% is ideal for this process to continue. As a result, the weed is more potent as there is more THC content. The process of drying is a slow one and if you try to quickly dry it, your weed will not be as potent. After you have cut the plant, the terpenes which are aromatic compounds of the plant start to evaporate and degrade. Obviously, you want the plant to retain them in order to have a better flavor. The only way to preserve them is at low temperatures.

Under these conditions, the enzymes of the plant which are still active break down minerals. Additionally, it can also help break down any sugars left because of the chlorophyll decomposition. You do not want this sugar left in the buds as it can make it harsh. Harsh weed would be difficult to smoke and will burn the throat. The sunlight is not good for the weed when it is drying. Light can reduce THC too so it is best to dry it in dark even though sunlight might seem a quick way to dry it. No matter how good your weed is, there is always the threat of mold. Dry marijuana can be stored for long periods and would not be susceptible to any harm from mold or bacteria. In fact, many weed growers have been able to store their weed in air-tight containers for even a whole year. Magic Herb dryer lets you dry your plants under controlled conditions. Available in 36 x 23 x 16.5 inches, this herb dryer covers the minimum area. Also, you can easily place it anywhere according to your convenience. This herb dryer can dry your herb within the maximum range of 10 days. So simply hang your plants in it after harvesting them. To develop it, the manufacturers treat the best quality of wood. Further, this dryer is made and assembled in the USA. This special feature in Magic Herb Dryer comes with carbon protection. However, some previous models come with a single fan. With the help of its intake and exhaust system, you can easily adjust the environment of the herb dryer. Furthermore, the dryer comes with a metal rack for hanging herbs. So you can hang a variety of herbs on its 24 sites spinning rack. In addition to this, the metal rack adds sturdy support to herbs. With the help of its lockable latches, your herbs can feel secure inside the dryer. Not only the latches keep the herbs intact, but also they provide maximum support to plant or herbs. With its lifetime warranty, you can safely invest your money in buying this herb dryer. Also, you can claim for any malfunction as described by the dealer. This product comes in vertical design with its unique color. The herb dryer is available in dimensions of 3 x 2 x 6 inches. So be it your home, office, or any other favorite spot, you can place this dryer easily.

If you are stuffing this herb dryer with many plants, then it might get five to eight days to dry them completely. Also, it dries the plant within the right time to maintain its crispness and flavor.

Though it can accommodate as many as 24 plants at a time, we recommend you to leave some space for ventilation inside the herb dryer. Moreover, it can also dry up to 24 plants completely within five to eight days. The product has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds. So you can place your plants in it without any fear. Working on only 50 watts, this herb dryer is the best for saving energy.


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