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There were just over two years between the release of the Firefly and the Firefly 2 so let’s see how the brand upgraded their new model. Firefly 1 had a gorgeous, sleek appearance and resembled a cell phone. You could leave it on a table and no one would guess that it is a vaporizer.

It is a bulky device, too large for some users and the company changed things with the second model. The Firefly 2 is significantly smaller and lighter and you can purchase covers in multiple colors including red, blue, black, and gold. The Firefly 1 is made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass while the heating chamber is made of ceramic superalloy. The Firefly 2 is made with lighter magnesium alloy which accounts for its relative lightness. To be frank, the first Firefly is a lot easier to use; mainly because of the lack of tech. All you have to do, once you have loaded the chamber, is press a button on the side and the herb heats up. The coil hits 400 degrees Fahrenheit in around five seconds with seven as the limit.

You can hold down the button to increase vapor production. The Firefly 2 is a bit more complicated because it has six temperature settings; five for the dry herb and one for the concentrate. You can download the app which enables you to control the temperature. You can also view battery life and with the brand-new Power Tuning option, you can add 11% to the existing temperature. Users bemoaned the low battery life with the first Firefly model. It was normal to kill a 100% battery in less than 45 minutes. Fortunately, the company listened and the battery on the Firefly 2 lasts twice as long. The batteries in both models charge to full capacity in around 45 minutes. Neither model excels in this category but for differing reasons. The Firefly 1 is far too heavy and bulky; it doesn’t ‘feel’ right in your pocket. The Firefly 2 is much smaller and while it is made with high-quality materials, you’re never sure if it will withstand much wear and tear or a heavy fall. When using the second model on the go, make sure you have preset the temperature to your preferred specifications because changing it on the app is a pain in crowded places. To be fair, the original Firefly offered excellent vapor production and quality. However, there is only one temperature setting so getting the best results involves a lot of trial and error by holding down the power button for various lengths of time. With the Firefly 2, you have a greater degree of control because of the temperature settings. Vapor flavor on the lower settings and vapor production on the highest settings are remarkable. The power tuning only helps your quest to create the biggest clouds ever. There is a danger of combustion if you set the power tuning to the maximum setting of 111%. It takes a maximum of seven seconds to heat your herb in the Firefly 1 but in the Firefly 2, you can start vaping in as little as three seconds! Unfortunately, the chamber is too small for both devices. When rival vaporizers can fit quadruple the amount of herb, questions need to be asked.

In reality, comparing the two is a moot point because the Firefly 1 has been discontinued. Ultimately, the Firefly 2 is equal to, or better than, the original in every single department. It offers longer battery life, even better vapor production, extra temperature settings, cool app extras, more accessories, and the ability to vape concentrate. The Firefly 1’s only advantage is price and we firmly believe its successor is worth the extra $60 if you could purchase the original in the first place. Our goal is to educate readers and we believe you should always choose the best vaporizer on the market which is arguably the Firefly 2. Feature Firefly Firefly 2 Type of Material Used Dry Herb Dry Herb & Wax/Oil Price $269.95 (No Longer Available) $329.95 Temperature Settings One Setting: Approx. 400 degrees Fahrenheit Six Settings in total: Five Dry Herb Settings 340-420 degrees & one Concentrate setting of approx. 500 degrees Battery Performance Three full chambers per full charge Up to eight full chambers per charge Charging Time 45 minutes 45 minutes; 20 minutes to reach 80% Vapor Production & Smoothness Excellent vapor production and reasonable smoothness Outstanding vapor production and smoothness Heating-Up Time 5-7 seconds 3-5 seconds Chamber Size 0.15 grams 0.15 grams Warranty 5 Years 2-Year Limited.

Given the success of the Firefly 2, it seems inevitable that a successor will be created. However, the answer to the burning question: When will the Firefly 3 be released? is: ‘We don’t know!’ There is no information as to when, or even if, there will be a third installment although we will be astonished if there isn’t.


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