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Giant Poke Master Bong – 17in

Large Pokémon inspired, dual-chambered glass bong. Cool, filtered hits.

Whether you’re a former card-trader or an avid Go! player, this glass bong will inspire you to catch them all. The detailed colored glass design features the four classic first-generation starters, and a variety of colored Poke Balls which even act as grips on the bowl. But much like your favorite pocket monster, it’s more than just cute – this double-chambered bong boasts one disc perc and one UFO perc for double filtration power, creating twice-as-smooth hits. The removable glycerin chiller attachment can be filled with vegetable glycerin and cooled to below-zero temperatures without freezing, resulting in beautifully chilly smoke and vapor that won’t cost you any HP. All these parts work as a team to blast you off at the speed of light!

⚡ GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL – Detailed Design Inspired an Animated Classic

⚡ 2X BIGGER HITS – Double-Chambered Bong

⚡ ICY COLD RIPS – Removable Glycerin Chiller Attachment

⚡ KEEP IT CLEAN – Ash Catcher (pun intended)

⚡ EXTRA FILTRATION – Built-in Percolated Downstem

⚡ HIGH QUALITY – Heat-Stable Scientific Glass

⚡ BIG BONG – 5.62lb Weight & 17” Height

⚡ Female joint with bowl included

So get your hands on this rare candy to level up your bong experience, and get ready to say, “Giant Poke Master Bong – I choose you!” With this bong, you’ll be a critical hit with all the other trainers at the gym.

Ready to catch em all? Add the Giant Poke Master Bong to your cart!

Whether you’re a former card-trader or an avid Go! player, this glass bong will inspire you to catch them all. The detailed colored glass design features the…

Glass Bong Water Pipes

Gorgeously shinning vapor master glass bubbler. This clear glass piece is blown like waves of clear water in sea and the smoke travel through. It has a nice glass neck that increase the beauty of the piece.

Approximately 9 inches tall with almost 3 inch base with 18mm joint. One extra down tube with slides increases the percolation and smoothness of draw. This vapor bubbler comes with dome nail. Fast and secure shipping from

The Nordle bubbler Rig has very strong borosilicat glass and It’s almost 6 inches tall. The Rig has the turbine percolator. This is the best product to add to your collection. Beautiful clear glass with 10mm Joint

  • 3 Inches Base
  • Turbine Perculator

This peacock inspired water pipe with physical design comes with a 6 inch long down stem and a bowl piece. it is 13 inches high and 5 inches long.

Gogo’s Yellow Jacket water pipe has a physical design. Inspired by bees, this pipe is 13 inches high and is 5 inches at the base.

  • Glass waterpipe
  • Good build quality, thick glass
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes with o-ring and has a rubber seal
  • Sliding bowl
  • 2 inches in diameter
  • About 10 inches in height

We like to invite you to try out the Chronic Hypotonic pipe with 18mm joint for good flow and 16 inch tall design that keeps water from reaching you. We have added a honeycomb disk in the middle of bent for extra percolation and ice cube holder to make it extra smooth. This pipe has wide glass base to prevent easy tip over.

Supper and smooth hits.
Special Price

This dubblah Tornado glass water pipe is about 13 inches tall.

  • 5mm thickness ,
  • 1.5 inch diameter,
  • Slider Bowl
  • 3.4 Inches Base

The Gypsy water pipe rig is about 12 inches tall, 2 inch diameter, 4 inch base and it has 18mm male joint setting. This pipes ships with 18mm glass dome and nail set. Gypsy pipe has built in turbine disk percolator and ice catcher. Good choice for oil and concentrate. On Sale For Limted Time

This perc water pipes is about 12 inches tall. This glass water pipe has one chamber of dome perc. Blue perc glass water pipes come with 18mm downstem and 18mm glass on glass bowl. It has an ice holder makes draw more smoother.

18mm Bowl & Stem
12 inch Tall
1.5 inch mouth piece
4 inc wide base
Dome Percolator last Longer vs tree

This Twister Waves glass on glass water pipe is small and pretty. This pipe is about eight and a half inches tall.

  • 8.5 inches tall
  • Glass slider bowl
  • Available in two colors

Presenting the Marley Magic glass bubbler exclusively for vapeing needs. Your first draw from this vapeing product will give the best results possible.

Approximate height is 6 inches including the neck and the base is about 4 inches wide. Beautifully crafted perk standing in the middle.

Adding all these features we priced that so low to make happy our regular customers.
Joint isze is 14mm

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