marijuana universal symbol

Marijuana universal symbols

A common labeling requirement for marijuana retail is inclusion of a marijuana universal symbol. In some states, this requirement entirely or primarily falls on the producer, and marijuana products are delivered to the retailer with the necessary symbol already on the packaging.

Stores that do deli-style flower sales, stores that pre-package flower or produce pre-rolls in-house, however, will find themselves needing to label their products and apply the required universal symbol themselves.

This presents a problem particularly in states where the required universal symbol includes red areas, namely Colorado and Oregon:

Why is the universal symbol not included on default labels?

Industry-standard thermal label printers unfortunately cannot print in color, and therefore in order to be compliant most stores use a separate sticker for the universal symbol, or may use custom packaging which already includes the symbol.

A common labeling requirement for marijuana retail is inclusion of a marijuana universal symbol. In some states, this requirement…

Universal Symbol

The Marijuana Legalization Act requires the use of an ‘universal symbol’ indicating that a container, package or product contains marijuana or is a marijuana product.

To deploy Maine’s universal symbol, OMP chose to partner with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to unveil the first-ever shared universal symbol for marijuana and marijuana products. The symbol—which has already been successfully used in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts—features a red triangle above text reading “CONTAINS THC”. Centered within the triangle is a black marijuana leaf superimposed on a field of white. THC is the common acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

In Maine, use of the universal symbol is required by adult use marijuana licensees. For product packaging and labeling, the symbol must appear on the front or most predominantly displayed area of the marketing layer. It may appear no smaller than half an inch by half an inch. For edible marijuana products, each single standardized serving of marijuana must be marked, stamped or otherwise imprinted with the universal symbol directly on at least one side of the product. It may not appear less than a quarter of an inch by a quarter of an inch. These details and more are included in a non-exhaustive guidance document made available to interested parties.

While not required, OMP encourages caregivers and dispensaries currently operating within Maine’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program to consider utilizing Maine’s universal symbol. In addition, it is making an optional “Not Safe for Kids” icon available for use by interested program registrants and licensees.

Downloadable versions of the universal symbol appear immediately below.