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Save an extra $25 when you order the Pax 3 complete kit from Heady Treasures. Enter this 10% off Heady Treasures coupon code for your discount. That said, the basis of most good joints is using a cardboard filter. Not only does this help form a better joint, it also elevates the experience when smoking it. There are many reasons you should use a filter when smoking a joint, starting with those concerning your health. However, there are also other reasons to consider this strategy. These include correcting poor rolling techniques and maximising joint smokability. Filters can also help increase airflow to make your joint burn more efficiently.

Not to mention, using a filter eliminates the hassle of a roach clip. There are many, many advantages to using a filter to smoke a joint. With that said, there is absolutely no “best” kind of filter or filter rolling technique. However, there are multiple ways to construct filters. Newbies often start with the most basic and easiest-to-perfect option. They simply roll small cardboard filters into a compact cylinder. Step-by-step instructions are also easy to find online. Despite what you might have heard, you can still get high from using regular tips designed for self-rolling cigarette smokers. The filters are designed to catch particles that are a lot larger than THC. This means that while you might believe you are missing out on something, don’t sweat it. It is way better to use a filter like this than to not use one at all. Here are the top advantages to using a filter: YOU CAN SMOKE THE WHOLE JOINT. The filter tip creates a much needed space between your lips and the burning material. This means you can smoke the whole contents of a joint much easier, without burning your fingers. As a result, it will also help you conserve precious cannabis. Ultimately, joint filters make the whole experience, particularly in groups, not only more enjoyable, but more hygienic. Using a cardboard filter gives you a hard, structured piece of architecture to shape the joint in the first place. By definition, this improves the durability of the joint itself. Especially when shared among friends, you lose less weed this way - including the pieces that spill out of both ends of filter-less constructions. Altogether, joint filters make for a much more streamlined joint-rolling experience. A solid filter can create good airflow throughout the joint. This will make it burn better and will facilitate the optimal flow of smoke. Many of the best brands come packaged with papers and tips together.

There is a hard edge against which users can balance their lips and teeth. The joint does not get so soggy and in turn, there is less spit swapping. Written by: Marguerite Arnold With years of writing experience under her belt, Marguerite dedicates her time to exploring the cannabis industry and the developments of the legalisation movement. Everywhere you go in the world, they roll it differently.

Sometimes you get a pure joint when you’re used to mixed, a filterless when you’re used to having a roach, and sometimes you even get a blunt when you expected a joint.


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