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There are a few bong cleaners on the market designed to help you get your glassware cleaned rapidly. Alternatively, soak your bong with boiling water mixed with a liquid cleaner for up to two hours. Don’t want to spend money on a store-bought cleaner?

Perform a DIY bong clean by soaking it in a solution of alcohol and salt. It is a tried and trusted cleaning method, and experienced users know it gets the job done almost every time. Overall, it is best if you clean your bong as often as possible. A fast rinse after every session with natural ingredients can prevent a massive buildup of gunk. A proper cleaning every week should help you enjoy smoother and cleaner hits. It's time for another smoke, but your glass bong is no longer transparent and far from smell-free. Nothing beats smoking weed from a brand new bong or pipe. Your new glass piece glistening on the coffee table before you is a sight to behold.

But it doesn't take long for this transparent work of art to transform into a tar-stained mess. We're all guilty of neglecting our smoking accessories from time to time. Using your pipe or bong for a few days in a row is no big deal, but things start to turn ugly in a matter of weeks. It's easy to determine when a glass piece is ready for a clean. Users of the latter can remain blissfully ignorant until they receive a lungful of tarred smoke. In this article, we'll discuss why it's essential to keep your smoking apparatus shiny and clean. WHY KEEPING YOUR SMOKING ACCESSORIES CLEAN IS SO IMPORTANT. There's a bunch of reasons to keep your smoking gear clean at all times. Aesthetics are a major motivation, especially when it comes to glass. What's the point of investing in an intricate glass rig just to let it stew in ash and tar? Regularly cleaning your smoking gear will also lead to better-tasting hits. If you grow your own, you'll know how much time and effort is required to produce high-quality cannabis. It takes skill and patience to nurture a tasty terpene profile. Don't waste these exquisite tastes by smoking with a dirty bong or pipe. A dirty bong won't just ruin the taste; the buildup of tar and resin will irritate your throat. Clean bongs offer buttery smooths hits that go down a treat. Overall, cleaner equipment makes for a more pleasant smoking experience. HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CLEAN YOUR BONG, BOWL, OR PIPE? How often you clean your smoking gear should depend on how frequently you use it. If you're blazing massive bowls every day, then tar and resin are going to build up fast. If you hit a pipe or bong once a week, it'll take longer for the residue to build up. With that said, leaving it dirty and unused isn't hygienic either.

Give your bong or pipe a quick rinse after every smoking session to flush out some of the tar and resin. When the buildup starts getting severe, it's time to give your gear a proper clean. Different materials require different cleaning methods. You run the risk of damaging your rig if you apply the wrong kind of cleaning agent or technique. Glass bongs and pipes are on the delicate end of the spectrum. Although they often look prettier, they're the most susceptible to damage. Glass pieces can be effectively cleaned using both alcohol and non-alcohol methods. These pieces are heat and cold-resistant and can handle (pretty much) anything you throw at them.

You don't have to overthink things when cleaning a silicone bong or pipe. Wooden pipes can handle hot water, but harsh chemicals can damage them.


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