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When I was a teenager a girl left her pillow at my place. I didn't realize it was hers and used it as a fap rag for like 2 months straight and once it got too crusty to used I just tossed it into a corner and forgot about it. It was a nice golden yellow and crunchy :/ So later on she comes over, sees the pillow and is like "oh there's my pillow" grabs it and leaves. Later on she told me that pillow 'smelled really good and reminded her of me' and she slept on it for months. I figure I masturbated at least twice a day back then.

So 2 months would have been at least 120 loads, figure roughly 60 loads on each side. I have no idea how the crunchiness didn't bother her, or the layers of yellow jizz stains. Maybe since it sat for awhile some of the crunch went away, I don't know. All I know was I spent a long time thinking about her face laying on that pillow all night, happy as can be. Also, I used to "fake sleep" and squint my eyes open just enough to perv on my roommate's girlfriend in the mornings after they had sex. Around age 12 istarted stealing pictures of of my sister and her friends, block out my sister and jack off to them. It was just the off limits and feminine sensation that got me off. A friend of my mom's kinda lived with us for a while, she was a curvy girl.

And i heard she started prostitution to make money. I found these little jean shorts of hers i would put on and check out my own ass in the mirror. I'd go over to a friends house, who had a younger sister that he was extremely over-protective about. Then puberty hit her like a ton of bricks and she inherited her family's big breasts. When i would go over i'd tell my friend i was gonna "take a shit" then i'd wander in her room and grab/sniff her bra and panties. I ended up dating her later for about a year and punched her v-card. I never told her of the perverted acts i had toward her previously. My uncle's girlfriend had a daughter around my age. She was beautiful with all the right curves in all the right places. She didnt talk a lot but we watched a lot of tv together. I'd try to just feel her however possible at times. Sitting on the same couch and having my foot on her side of the couch to feel her legs or something. Well, eventually that lead to groping her when she was asleep. I had broken up with my gf, because she decided to randomely become a bitch. After i moved to a new place i found one of her shirts in my things. Among these i also experimented with tons of different things, places etc. Like jacking off in my friends living room under a blanket with his whole family pretty much in there. I have an incredibly busty neighbor (36DDD, not even kidding). A few years ago, when we were both still in high school, her family was going on vacation so she asked me to check in on their cats every now and then. I said it was no problem and that I'd be sure to look after the adorable little furballs. She had no idea that I had sinister, perverted plans in mind. My hormones were raging at the time (shocking, I know) , so I was constantly horny and looking for new ways to get myself off.

Having complete freedom and solitude in a smoking hot neighbor's house was a godsend to me during those days. Every time I went to the house to check in on the cats, I would saunter over to the girl's room and rummage through her lingerie, lay in it, and just soak in the feminine good-ness. Then I'd masturbate in the bathroom after I was done and head home. So one day I grabbed a bunch of her bras and panties (clean. and dirty) and wrapped them around my head like a helmet/mask. Then I used one of her panties as a sort of jerk-off sleeve (I'm not sure what you'd call it) and masturbated in her bed. But another part of me hopes she'll go on vacation again soon.

EDIT: Many people are asking if I checked for cameras. However, it has been a few years since this "incident" took place and I have not experienced any repercussions and am still on great terms with the girl and her family. In fact, I spent a day with the girl recently and it was very pleasant, so I doubt she knows that I made a mask out of her panties and ferociously wanked to her.


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