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Alternatively, choose another phrase that induces a marijuana hit. For instance, watch an Al Pacino movie and have a toke every time he shouts. As you can probably guess by the name, this is not a good choice for newbies. The goal is to get completely baked to the point where people are forced to quit smoking or else they will pass out. A simple way to play is to use a bong, and everyone takes turns to have a hit.

Keep going until only one person is willing to take more marijuana. Player #1 takes a toke and passes the joint to player #2 who also has a smoke. Each player takes an extra hit in every round, so by the fourth passing of the joint, you have to take four tokes. You also have to hold the smoke in until it is your turn to smoke. This is a lot like Traffic Lights, but it is a better game when you have several players. First of all, set a rule on the number of hits each player has to take per turn.

In my experience, it is best to take two, unless there are beginners in which case one hit is enough. All players must sit in a circle, and player #1 takes a hit before passing to player #2. The joint continues to get passed around the group, and everyone has to hold in their smoke until it is their turn again. If you exhale or cough, you miss out on the next round. This weed game has the potential to be absolutely hilarious. The only problem is the risk of injury, so you need to be clever when planning everything out. A simple version of Obstacle Course involves using blankets, chairs, and pillows in a large room. Use these soft items to create an obstacle course of sorts and make sure you strategically place bongs and joints throughout for everyone to toke on. Each player has to navigate the course and take a toke on every item. The fastest player wins and can be rewarded in any way you choose. This is another great game for players with outstanding lung capacities. Once again, it is best to play in a large group, and all participants should gather round in a circle. It is extremely similar to Taxi insofar as everyone must hold their smoke until it is their turn, but the main difference is that you keep going until there is only one player left. If you’re a fan of the ludicrous yet entertaining 80s show, you will probably love this weed game. Basically, you use anything you can get your hands on in the house to make a smoking implement like a joint or a bong. Once every player has created their device, the group votes on the best and everyone gets to take a hit from the winning piece. This is yet another marijuana game that deceives you with its apparent simplicity. As you surely know, it becomes very hard to remember basic things when you’re stoned, let alone recognize obscure songs, but that’s what Name That Tune is all about. Every member of the group gets to pick a song, and everyone else has to guess what it is. Alternatively, you could decide that getting the song right is worthy of a smoke, or else the person who chooses the tune gets to take a toke if no one guesses correctly. Before I begin, let me warn you that this is only a game for seasoned smokers. First of all, use a bong which enables you to take several hits from a single bowl. After your first hit from the bong, you can’t take another breath barring hits from the bong for a total of seven consecutive hits. The winner is the player who achieves the magnificent seven without choking. In each round, you receive a new card that’s dealt face down. You have to guess whether the new card is higher or lower than the last card and flip it face up. You can decide to do it the other way around if you wish.

Gather a group in a circle and hand a joint to player #1. They have to say a single word to begin a story, and each subsequent player has to add a word that makes sense to complete the story. To make things interesting, force each player to hold their smoke until it is their turn to add to the story. It is time to finally find out who is the joint rolling king in your group. Pit two players against one another; each is given a rolling paper and the same amount of herb.

Pick a referee and when they say ‘go,’ the competitors must roll a joint. This is very much an outdoors game which is fun when played with several friends. Everyone forms a line and takes a massive drag of a joint or bong. If you fall or throw up in the process, you’re out!


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