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Certain high-quality strains have been cultivated to deliver amazing highs such as Godfather OG. This is a strain guaranteed to knock your socks off, as it once had a THC level of 34.04%, breaking the world record for the highest THC content. If it’s not built for psychoactive properties then it must be made for medicinal use, right? As a strain, it’s not well looked after or developed enough to be used as an effective treatment for many ailments. That’s not to say it won’t help at all, but they are many more strains such as Harlequin which will produce a much better effect.

While it’s not popular among avid cannabis smokers, it can be a decent strain for those beginning their cannabis journey. Many describe Reggie as one of the first strains they ever tried, probably because it’s a lot more approachable than other types of cannabis. It can ease you into smoking without you having to try the more intimidating and powerful strains like Purple Kush . It’s also a very accessible strain, so if you are desperate to get your hands on it quickly, it’s entirely possible to so. Whereas some strains can be very niche or are simply more difficult to grow. Another reason you might choose to use Reggie is that it’s incredibly cheap, which probably isn’t surprising given its quality. Basically, if you are a cannabis newbie and you want a cheap, accessible strain, Reggie isn’t all that bad. It’s no wonder strain connoisseurs are increasingly frustrated with Reggie; it lacks any imagination or excitement, whether that be in the high, taste, or smell. There are plenty of other varieties that can give you a great high or medicinal aid.

Many more states are legalizing cannabis – will this lead to a higher production of top-quality strains, so does this mean the end of Reggie? From what we can see so far, creativity in cannabis strains will continue increasing. But for now, it looks like there will always be a place for low-quality varieties like Reggie. Micro Vaped V4 Review: The Micro Vaped V4 vaporizer pen is an ultra-compact pen style vaporizer that looks like a genuine luxury writing pen. This is an economically priced high quality dab vape for those who need portability and ease of use. It features a quartz atomizer that is perfect for getting great tasting clouds and a clean vape every single time. Ultra-compact; looks like a luxury writing pen Pass-through technology Dual Quartz Coil Bucket 6 Heat Settings Great Vapor Production. - Price - Priced at $79, the Micro Vaped V4 features an ultra-low price for a dab pen that is as compact as this one is. - Vapor Quality - The vapor quality is incredibly smooth and dense, with great airflow even though it only has a few air holes. You can taste every single aspect of your favorite concentrates, and that is due in part to the pure quartz crystal atomizer that this amazing vaporizer features. You can get up to three consecutive perfect hits in a row without needing a refill. - Guarantee - There is a 1-year warranty in place so that you can be certain you are satisfied with your purchase. - Prep Time - It is very simple to fill the beautifully sleek vaporizer pen with your concentrates. From there, you can heat the Micro Vaped V4 as long as you would like, up to an impressive 30 seconds to give you control of your vape. This is, once again, thanks to the wonderful full quartz atomizer . - Portability - This is perhaps one of the most portable vapes on the market. It is super compact, as it looks like a real luxury writing pen instead of a pen vape. Take it anywhere with you as it fits well in the palm and in the pocket! - Ease of Use - It is simple to load and to use with your favorite concentrates. Cycle through the heat settings with just a few clicks of a button, and the indicator lights will display the color of the heat setting you have chosen. - Heating and Temperature Regulators - This vape comes with 6 heat settings ranging between 360 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can choose how you vape down to the degree. The atomizer is a refined skillet coil bucket that has been constructed from pure quartz crystal, for even heating and completely unmatched flavor, the likes of which you've never tasted.

- Power Supply - This wax vape uses a lithium ion battery that allows pass-through technology for vaping as it charges . The Micro Vaped V4 vaporizer is a catch all for those who need portability. With its real pen-like appearance, it is excellent for taking on the go for covertly pen dabbing. With 6 heat settings, a quartz atomizer , great airflow, and an even better price, what more could you ask for? Micro Vaped produces products under the Vaped brand name. The company places a high emphasis on quality customer service and can regularly be found responding to vaper's questions on various social media outlets.

The company focuses on creating products that are reliable, cutting edge, highly portable and technologically advanced. The company focuses on creating luxury products, and aims to elevate their customers vaping experience. Vaped specializes in selling kits, attachments and accessories for vaping products. The main vaporizer options include kits for the Micro Vaped V4, Vaped Luxury V2, Vaped V2 Micro and several combos that include torches and collector kits.


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