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It honestly changed the way I listen to music in a way." (Wearethegears) Amy Winehouse - Frank: "Back To Black was great but I love Frank. 'Take The Box' is the most powerful soul song I've ever come across. There is a live version from before she went off the rails that is my favorite live song version ever. It gives me chills." (Seabenbrew) Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City: "Kendrick's albums are absolutely made to be listened to as a whole.

Although you can enjoy almost any song off his albums alone, they are complemented by the tracks that came before it and after it. They're stories too." (LiamPlaysWhatever) Weezer - The Blue Album: "Listened to that album this morning on the way into work. 'Only In Dreams' is the most perfect final song to an album I can think of." (jackruby83) Radiohead - OK Computer: "This is my favorite 'pop' album (in the same sense the Beatles were 'pop'.) I could not only listen to this one all the way through, but on loop for the whole day." (HellsquidsIntl) Daft Punk - Discovery: "Its songs just follow each other perfectly and almost invite you to stick around for the next song. I especially love how 'Aerodynamic' flows seamlessly into 'Digital Love." (IrrelevantLeprechaun) St. Her self-titled is more geared towards cool guitar sounds and synth which I really like." (RykerRoberts) Frank Ocean - Channel Orange: "That album is a deep and important part of my life. its speaks to my soul and i have listened to it back to front well over 1000 times." (Swissies) Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain: "Such an amazing album. I haven't really liked anything else they've done, but I've listened to that album at least once a month for years now." (clonedhuman) Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick: "I've skipped classes to listen to it in vinyl at my Dad's, when I was a kid. He would come back from work, and see me laying on the floor, with headphones, mesmerized.

He would then bring me back to mom's, half mad, half amused." (Lucifer_Hirsch) Nas - Illmatic: "Best hip hop album of all time as far as I'm concerned. And it ain't hard to tell.." (GiftedGreg) 20 Albums You Have to Listen to Front to Back. In an age of Spotify playlists and 99-cent downloads, owning an entire album is kinda pointless. Why buy or listen to a full album when you can just grab the highlights, right? There are times, however, when an album is so perfect, so great from start to finish that simply listening to the few tracks that made the radio is a complete disservice. There are albums where every song could be a single. Whether you pledge your allegiance to Spotify or Apple Music, or actually have a record player and a collection of vinyl, here are the albums you have to listen to front to back. But don’t let Kanye the guy turn you off of Kanye the artist, because some of his albums are damn near perfect. In fact, one might actually be perfect: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . From the title alone you know what you’re getting—an odd, grotesque adventure into Kanye’s mind. And in the darkest corners is apparently where Kanye stores his most brilliant ideas, because the tracks sound like Kanye on steroids. The thoughts and feelings are all dialed up to 11 and nothing is held back. The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie. With The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust , the late David Bowie created a fictional universe to explore. You could dip your toes in by listening to “Starman” or “Five Years,” but we’d recommend diving headfirst to fully appreciate what the iconic artist created. Often called a “sci-fi soap opera,” The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust delivers a listening experience that’s both incredible and incredibly unique. Sure, the idea of an album about an alien visiting Earth with a message of piece sounds like the making of something that would end up in the $1 bin at your local record store, but not in the hands of Bowie. For Emma, Forever Ago is mostly about singer Justin Vernon’s split with then-girlfriend Christy Smith and his feeling of being lost in the world that followed. Yet, simply calling it a “breakup album” is unfair, as such a label is often applied to any record that mentions separation, no matter how devoid of emotion the songs are. No, For Emma, Forever Ago is much more than a breakup album. After the pair split, Vernon retreated to his father’s secluded cabin to be alone and write songs. He did this by first creating melodies he felt spoke on a deeper level. The result was an aching, painful release of raw emotion that is as beautiful as any record released over the last decade. On a winter day, just drop the needle and let it go. Concepts can easily fall flat on their face if the public doesn’t get it. So when Blur’s Damon Albarn teamed with comic book artist Jamie Hewlett to create a virtual band, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if they released an album and faded into obscurity.

Gorillaz, the group the duo formed, were a huge success, playing shows behind a screen as visuals of the characters delighted the crowd. Their self-titled debut was good; their follow-up was better. Demon Days features contributions from MF DOOM, De La Soul, and many, many more, and includes such gems as “Feel Good Inc.” (you know that one), “Dirty Harry” and “DARE.” Often placed on best album lists, this one lives up to the hype. You don’t become the best-selling jazz record of all time with just a few good cuts. Kind of Blue is, perhaps, the greatest jazz record ever, and that means every track is exceptional. Recorded over two days at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio, in 1959, Kind of Blue has found its way onto just about every “Greatest Albums of All Time” list. Instead of handing each musician involved a complete score, Davis had everyone work withing a set scale to produce the modal jazz epic.

For a lazy Sunday, you could do far worse than letting the record drop on Kind of Blue .


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