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Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine

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Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine

The Sluice Box MJ is able to Fill and Pack ( Packer sold seperately) over 400 Joints!

Please choose size of cartridge for cone plate from drop down box above

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Sluice box break down

Sluice Box: use with Pre-Rolled Cones and Pre-Rolled Cigarette papers Optional Plates.

Capacity: Can fill up to 401 pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled cigarette style papers per run

Power:110 volt

Machine Size: 25 in x 15 in x 18 in

Parts– base, tray with cone cartridge choice of 1/2, gram (84mm/1 1/4 ) or full gram <98mm/109mm) and the new 1 gram or 1/2 gram cigarette cartridge,

top, packer, dividers. Holes in cone cartridge are or oversized 5000 th to accommodate different brands.

Bottom of cone cartridge is tapped to apply shim if need for height.

Material all food grade or better.

1. Place base on level surface

2. Place tray on base

3. Set cone cartridge over tray, make sure tray lifts freely from base upwards to bottom of cone

4. Load pre-roll cones into cartridge holes

5. Place top over cartridge

6. Apply material evenly across top

7. Press power button on, move material to corners if needed or until material is gone from top

9. Move any excess material into cones

10. Optional place packer on cartridge and then remove

11. Lift up on tray, pre-rolls will rise up from cone cartridge move off of base and set to side making

sure tray is supported in up position

12. Note depending on material, variations can apply to step 5 through 10 for pack and fill and

amount oftime or quick presses of on button. Also applying small amount of pressure with hand

to cone cartridge will decrease amount to vibration if desired .

13. Step 10 packer can be raised or lowered by six screws on top for desired depth of pack

14. If using dividers place in desired location on cone cartridge then put top on and line up dividers

with dividers in cone cartridge. This allows sluice box to run more than one strain at a time or

smaller amounts if desired.

Machine will process 325 1 gram cones or 406 Half Gram cones.

Sluice box package comes with base, one cone cartridge with tray choice of 1/2, or full gram or Cigarette, one top, set

of dividers. Additional cone cartridges $1,900.00 each. Optional packer $900.00.

Each cone cartridge will do over thousand pre roll per hour and with the ability to apply a new cone

cartridge every five to ten minutes gives opportunity to do thousands of pre-rolls per hour.

***Motor comes with a 1 year full manufacture warranty starts from date of purchase***

Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine able to fill and pack over 400 joints. Saving time, money and work in just 5 easy steps. ]]>