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Open 2.5.2: Loot Recycler Consuming Items But not Yielding Bags

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What is the bug:
I put my items in the loot recycler that I get from reward bags and mob spawner and the loot recycler destroys the items but gives me no bags in return.

Can it be repeated:


I have a solution for this. It appears that when the dungeonChest loot was removed from bags, the total list cost (which the item cost is based on) got screwed up. The workaround/fix is:

  • Add dungeonChest back to the ChestGenHooks Dropped list
  • Make all of the lootbags NOT drop general loot (which is what was being attempted by removing dungeonChests from general loot)

S:”ChestGenHooks Dropped”


More info. Loot value appears to be based on the chance that it drops (Weight) as a fraction of the total weight of available loot to lootbags. The problem is, the total weight of available loot is calculated before the bag whitelists effectively add new loot to the system.


By removing the dungeonChest global loot source, the total weight of available loot was effectively zero and all items ended up with the minimal loot value of 1. The system does however use items that are in the global whitelist when calculating the total list weight.

So, by adding another item to the global whitelist with a large weight, such as a stick with weight 5,000 we can get all of the lootbag items to start having value again. I haven’t figured out a good item to use for this (it will become recycleable and it will give 1 loot value), or tuning for its weight. but this a way to work around the problem that also gives you control the loot value all items in the lootbags give.

Version: 2.5.2 What is the bug: I put my items in the loot recycler that I get from reward bags and mob spawner and the loot recycler destroys the items…

Loot Recycler

The Loot Recycler lets you recycle all those useless bows and golden boots you get from your mob grinder.

To do so, just place the offending item into the top slot on the materials page (or pipe it in). It will be processed and the results get stored in the internal buffer.

Please note that this is not an universal recycler. It only processes vanilla and Ender IO tools, weapons and armor However, it also strips the enchantments off those items.

Putting those enchantments back on items (or books) fails quite often. It also tends to yield low level enchantments. Some experimentation seems in order to find out how to get better odds. (Hint: Remember the crafting recipe. )

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