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I either force it out or wait for the device to cool. But the biggest thing that bothered me the most was the extraction efficiency. Mighty, they all hit so much harder, and the feeling lasts CONSIDERABLY longer.

The whole 'discreet' thing is pure nonsense, in my opinion. You think that if it's harder to spot a vape in your hand, people will somehow miss the huge cloud of weed smell you're generating? I bought this vape about 2 months ago and when I first got it I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I've tried many different vapes and the quality of the vapor on the IQ is exceptional compared to many others. The flavor chamber alone is a beautiful complement to this device allowing you to appreciate the aroma of many different herbs of your choice together in one unit. The problem right off the bat was the app which doesn't work on my phone and it was one of the selling points for me to purchase it. Apparently the app has many glitches causing it to malfunction on many phones so that was strike one as I cannot use to app at all. Now I would have given this 4 stars if not for how laborious it is to clean this thing.

In this day and age of advanced technology and beautiful engineering with these vaporizers, I don't understand how the Davinci engineering team have not redesigned this vape to be more friendly for the user to clean and sanitize. What happens with this vape is the taste degrades substantially after about a dozen times using it because even with cleaning the bowl and flavor chamber after each use, there is a very very deep cleaning that is required after every 5-6 times using the vape, and if you don't do that it starts to affect the taste because of a crust that forms that is inaccessible with regular cleaning. The vapor stream travels up the bowl through a gap between the bowl and the flavor chamber up to the mouth piece. That gap collects all the residuals left over from the herb heating, meaning all the brown crud gets stored there after each use and it is almost impossible to clean because there is only a very small diameter to access that gap. You can get a Q-tip to clean the accessible area on the underside of the bowl via that very small diameter once you pop out the flavor chamber, but you can't easily access the baked crust which continues to bake over and over outside of that small diameter hole. Consequently, your herb starts to taste burnt if you do not eventually rectify this. The only way I have found is to get a Q-tip with a little alcohol and try to bend it so that it reaches underneath the metal where all that crust is collecting. This requires many Q-tips, time and patience to get in there to make sure you get as much as possible but some always remains. If you could access this area with greater ease, it would be much easier to clean, but the current design is super flawed in my opinion because of this problem. Consequently I will only be using this vape as a backup because I am tired of this issue and I'm not interested in spending a half hour sanitizing this thing every time it needs a deep cleaning which is often. Otherwise you risk flavor and vapor quality substantially with this device with daily use once a week has passed. I would encourage the engineers to think of a better design for the next version of the IQ because I feel this could be a truly excellent vaporizer if this matter is addressed. To blow a bulb on the end of a tube, it is first necessary to obtain a sealed tube end. If the bulb is to be employed for vacuum work, the seal must be gas tight. It is possible to seal the end of the tube by rotating the tube in a high flame at a steep angle, as in rounding the end of a tube as described previously, but continuing until the end of the tube collapses. I have found that this method is very prone to leaving a small pin hole in the end of the tube. I had to stop at times to take photographs, but it is best to work through all of the following stages without stopping. This avoids having to keep heating the glass back up from room temperature and reduces the risk of cracking. Starting with a 330mm long 12mm diameter tube, I introduce a point 80mm from one end to a medium flame. To reduce waste I sometimes start with a 250mm length and join it to a scrap piece of tube with the same diameter. The lower surface of the tube should be just above the bright blue part of the flame. I continue rotating the tube in the flame until it begins to soften. When the glass softens, the flame turns orange and then yellow.

The tube thins in the middle as can be seen in the picture. It is important not to draw the two halves apart too fast or a long cone shaped end results. I try to get the end of the longer part of the tube to collapse without extending very much.

I keep the middle part in the flame so that it collapses and seals. Excess glass can be drawn away using another piece of glass. I keep repeating this until the length of the cone is less than the diameter of the tube, but more than the radius. The result of this can be seen in the next picture. This is how it looks after drawing off the excess glass.


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