linx water system review

Chemical-free LINX Technology in LINX 120 System Delivers More Water With Less Waste

Pionetics announced the LINX120 Drinking Water System, which is designed to replace bulky systems based on decades-old reverse osmosis technology. The compact LINX 120 delivers purer water in higher volume with less wasted water. The system also allows users to adjust the taste of their purified water to suit their individual palates.

The LINX 120 is the first product based on Pionetics’ patented LINX technology for water purification, water treatment and ion extraction. Unlike other methods that use harmful chemicals, LINX purifies water using only clean, efficient electricity and a proprietary ion exchange membrane to remove perchlorate, nitrites, nitrates, Arsenic III and V, potassium, lead and other contaminants from water along with 90% of total dissolved solids.

While the LINX 120 is aimed at the residential point-of-use market, LINX technology has many other applications for industrial and commercial use, from whole-house purification to industrial chemical recovery. Pionetics expects to announce future products for other specific markets and applications.

“LINX technology solves many of the persistent problems in delivering pure water to people in North America and around the world, and we’re very excited about rolling out the LINX 120 Drinking Water System for the domestic market,” said Eric Nyberg, Ph.D., president, founder, and chief technical officer of Pionetics. “By using electricity instead of chemicals to purify water, we can give people more pure water with less waste, and with the added bonus of adjustable taste.”

The LINX 120 is the only water purification system in the world with Dial-A-Taste, a control that allows users to regulate the level of dissolved minerals in purified water to vary the taste to their liking. With a twist of the dial, users can adjust the water taste over a range from a very neutral flavor for cooking or coffee making to a highly mineral flavor for drinking.

Rather than requiring the use of harmful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide, LINX uses ion exchange membrane powered by electricity to remove impurities from water. In addition, LINX works just as efficiently at low water pressures, while other purification systems require booster pumps or don’t work at all. Because the LINX ionization process is so efficient, the LINX 120 delivers nearly twenty times as much water volume (1.9 liters/minute vs. .1 liter/minute at 60psi), uses one fourth as much wastewater, and eliminates more hazardous chemicals (such as Arsenic III and V) when compared against reverse osmosis systems. Thanks to the higher water volume delivered by the LINX 120, the system also does away with the bulky under-sink storage tank that wastes space and provides a breeding ground for water-borne bacteria in reverse osmosis systems.

With its simpler and far more efficient approach to water treatment, the LINX 120 is also easier to maintain. Each of its two cartridges can process up to 1,000 gallons of water — enough for a year or more of average use in the kitchen.

“Pure, delicious drinking water becomes a scarcer commodity every day, and the LINX 120 is the first product in decades to apply new scientific breakthroughs to solving this problem,” said Mark Stephenson, CEO of Pionetics. “We think our LINX technology will ultimately revolutionize access to pure water for families and businesses around the world.”

The LINX 120 is available for immediate evaluation by residential water treatment contractors and distributors. Volume quantities will be available for delivery to home customers in September 2005.

Pionetics announced the LINX120 Drinking Water System, which is designed to replace bulky systems based on decades-old reverse osmosis technology. The compact