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Aqua Works 13″ Stemless Lava Lamp Bong

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This is the perfect bong for any smoker who wants a beautiful and unique centerpiece in their collection.

The Aqua Works 13″ Stemless Lava Lamp Bong has a unique conical shape, just like a lava lamp, and the design is mirrored on the percs inside which have the same cone shape. This stemless bong has a fixed stem coming from a “banger hanger” style joint, where it is short and vertical, feeding directly into the bottom of the water pipe. Showerhead percolators mix the smoke through two chambers of water for twice the purification. For even more cooling, the bong features an ice pinch to load up for chilled hits.

Standing an impressive 13″ and featuring a unique silhouette, the Aqua Works Lava Lamp Bong is a definite must for any collector.

Available in Assorted Colors

As typical for Aqua Works, this piece is available in a variety of colored accents, seen in the base and mouthpiece. Available colors include Slime Green, Purple, Blue, and Gold. Gold shown above.

Each order will receive one color at random. If you’re interested in the colors we currently have in stock, feel free to Contact Us and we can set you up with the perfect piece for your collection.

Get the perfect bong for anyone wanting a beautiful centerpiece for their collection. This Aqua Works 13" Stemless Lava Lamp Bong has a conical lava lamp shape.