lava lamp bong amazon

Lava lamp bong amazon

This state of the art mason jar lid is the ultimate addition to any smoking arsenal. Able to attach to wide mouth mason jars found almost anywhere, this handy gadget comes with both 3 and 5x magnification and 3 powerful LEDs. It’s the perfect gift for the avid weed connoisseur who can’t take their eyes off the bud.

420Libs: Mixed Bag Edition

First, you load the bowl. Second, you hit the bowl. Third, you fill in the blank and laugh! One of the simplest gift ideas out there, but who doesn’t love a silly MadLib?

Wake and Bake Adult Apron

This adorable apron makes a great ‘thank you’ gift to your favorite edibles chef. It comes in four different colors to suit a variety of tastes (Pun intended).

Higher Etiquette

This excellently written book, is a handy guide to help maneuver within the marijuana community in a post-prohibition era. With tips on handling pot at dinner parties, to the do’s and don’ts of marijuana dispensaries, this book has got you covered.

Feast Mode Sweatshirt

It seems like this year has both just began as well as lasted an eternity, but Thanksgiving is already right around the corner. Grab this dope toked turkey sweatshirt and you’ll be the best-dressed at your Danksgiving feast this year!

Ceramic Elephant Pipe

Please DO think about pink elephants! This cute ceramic pipe is the perfect gift for your cutie stoner friend. This minimalistic pipe comes with a carrying bag so you can bring your new friend wherever you please.

Boobies Glass Hand Pipe

I think we may have reached peak pipe design. Loading a boob bowl for you and your friends would put a smile on every face. Getting that milky smoke from the mammaries will be a treat for everyone. When you toke with titties who could be upset?

Black and White Marijuana Leaf Tapestry

This leafy tapestry would look great hanging on the wall of your smoke den. Made from polyester fibers and coming in 3 different sizes, it can be used both inside or outside for stoner picnics or festivals.

Envy Glass Celestial Dab Rig

This dazzling dab rig is simply enchanting. Adding this to your collection will grab everyone’s attention without a doubt! Each rig is hand-made by artisans dedicated to their craft who put their all into each piece of work.

Men’s Cannaboss Party Costume Suit

This suit would make a perfect Halloween costume if you’d like to go as the King of Cannabis or a politician who has a legalization priority.

Men’s Hippie Dude Costume

This costume is far out, dude. Stay true to your stoner roots and use this Halloween to pay tribute to the counter-culture that started it all.

Dry Bones Skeletal Fumed Rig

We’re ready for Halloween, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by lighting up this spooky piece in the dark with your crew (or on your own). We hope you get your fair share of tricks and treats this month!

Women’s Sexy Stoned Nurse Costume

The month’s end is quickly approaching, and this sexy weed nurse costume is a surefire way to get smoked out at every Halloween party you hit up this year.

15 Hilarious Stoner Halloween Costumes Found on Amazon

Fall is in the air and Halloween is on its way, and that means it is time to start looking for your costume. Whether you plan to be trick-or-treating or baking your own treats at home this Halloween, we have compiled a list of the best weed-themed Halloween outfits on Amazon. You’ll find ideas here for both .

Pot Head Halloween Costume

For the pun-niest stoners, this simple pothead costume is sure to be a hit at the Halloween party.

Sweet Tooth 4-Piece Herb Grinder

Happy Halloween stoner fam! This aluminum grinder will perfectly prepare your next bowl. Make sure you have some extra candy on hand to satisfy that post-holiday sweet tooth.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Grow Tent for Cannabis

One of the most asked questions for old and new growers alike is whether or not a grow tent is necessary for a successful indoor grow op. More specifically, it’s “which is better, a grow tent or grow room?” Even though there are tons of benefits to growing a crop indoors, it’s hard to settle the grow tent vs grow .

Peacemaker Silicone Unicorn Bong

This super adorable unicorn piece is one-of-a-kind. Taking tokes from this little guy may or may not bring you to a place where these mythical beasts graze freely on rainbows and frolic with butterflies. Made from food-grade silicone, this piece is both durable and easy to clean.

Skull Shaped Silicone Dab Containers

These skull-shaped dab containers are the perfect size for a little Halloween party favor. They come in packs of 3, 6, or 9 and are freezer, heat and shatter resistant (up to 450 degrees F).

Weed Man Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and we have got just the costume for the stoners who are too high to come up with something witty and intricate this year (we’ve all been there). It’s a bong, it’s a joint. it’s weed man!

Toking Alien Ashtray

You ever get so high you clear the atmosphere, reach space and see what’s beyond? Well if that’s normal for you, then why not get this cute little alien ashtray to accompany you? This green space invader is great to show off at any party or stoner sesh.

Screwpop Hit-Kit Compact Pocket Herb Tool

This all in one Hit-Kit has everything you need to get those tokes in. The kit has a built in Bic lighter holder, and includes 4 cache stashes! That’s enough space for the whole gang to get a try. Never worry about where your lighter is or where you put your stash because it’s all together in one!

Marijuana The Glue Holding This 2020 Shitshow Together

Nothing could be more true than the message on this flashy Tee. We’re almost there everyone! You got this!

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis

Women of all ages are using cannabis to feel and look better. This book is the perfect guide on how to get high like a lady. It is filled with clear instructions for things like boosting moods, losing weight or even finding the right amount to have a good time.

Skunk Element Smell Proof Backpack

Need to travel somewhere with some powerfully smelling sticky-icky, but don’t want to draw too much attention? This smell proof Skunk Backpack is just what you need. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but the interior carbon lining neutralizes odors on a molecular level.

Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe

This lava lamp water pipe is a great gift for those who want to reminisce about an earlier time. The futuristic lamp was all the rage in the 60’s and will add a retro feel to your collection.

The Kittylight Chillum

Probably Cardi B’s favorite Wet Ass Pipe, this petite chillum is perfect for on-the-go smoking. Measuring only 3.5 inches long, it’s the ideal size for sneaking in a quickie when you’re on the move.

I Run on Weed and Gangsta Rap Stash Bag

This cute little bag is for those who run on something a little different than the normal coffee or beer.

The Toke Tank Silicone Tank Bong

Tokes from this Toke Tank will hit with a bang! Made from food-grade silicone, this baby is unbreakable. One might say it’s built like a tank!

The Cannabis Grow Bible

From novice grower to seasoned hydroponic artist, there are tips for everyone in this book. It’s the 21st century, man, and everyone knows it’s better to shop (and grow) local.

Roll It Lick It Smoke It Blunt T-Shirt

If you have a friend who rolls the perfect blunt or doobie, get them this shirt as a way of showing your appreciation. If you have a friend who might need to work on their craft, get them this shirt so the instructions are clear.

The Game Boy Rolling Tray

This stylish blast-from-the-past Game Boy rolling tray is a perfect gift for those old-school gamers out there. It even comes with a cool little 3-piece Pokeball herb grinder.

The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis

This affordable and stylish book comes with it all — a history of pot culture, potential health benefits and side effects, even information on growing or cooking with marijuana.

Grand Master Smoke Glass Pipe Cleaner

This glass cleaner is meant to remove resin buildup within 30 to 60 minutes of soaking, just enough time to get your zen on with an impromptu yoga or meditation session while you wait.

420 Magic Ball

This is a stoner’s hysterical take on the classic Magic 8 Ball, and offers up answers like “Too High to Tell” and “Yes, Wait, What?”

Magic Flight Concentrate Vaporizer

This vape is specifically designed for concentrates, and takes only 3 seconds to heat up. It comes with a battery re-charger, and features a unique steampunk-esque design.

Lava lamp bong amazon This state of the art mason jar lid is the ultimate addition to any smoking arsenal. Able to attach to wide mouth mason jars found almost anywhere, this handy gadget comes ]]>