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It's important to use butter and not margerine because, as someone said early, THC is not water soulable. (sidenote: A friend of mine didn't have butter so he used crisco instead. Don't be like my friend.) For one gram use 1/2 tablespoon of butter, for three grams use 2 tablespoons. Now lower the heat so the water is bairly simmering (a bit past medium on my flattop stove) and add your special teabag. Keep a constant check on it, adding A LITTLE BIT of extra water ONLY IF NEEDED.

You only want enough water to cover the teabag, because the water isn't what you're going to be drinking. Your goal is to get the water as dark brown as possible. Whole milk is best because of the fat, but 2 percent won't be a noticable difference. Once the milk is in you can add cinnamon, sugar and allspice (or any other flavorings) to taste. **Optional: Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and boil for 30 more seconds while constantly stirring. Pour your fantastic concoction into a cup and DRINK UP! It kinda tastes like chai tea if prepared the way I have described. A little bit of extra info: -Coffee filters are sometime better than teabag. Some teabags tend to have large mesh (although to the naked eye it looks just as small as anything else).

This is fine because it lets all the THC out quite easily, but you have to remember that THC isn't all that's in the bud/leaf. If your weed isn't properly contained, the chlorophyl will dissolve into the water and tint your whole brew green. I have NEVER had this problem with a coffee filter. If you're preparing this with 3 grams or more I would suggest you not drink the whole thing to yourself. Even just two mouthfulls will get you high as a kite. -Everyone I know who has ingested weed always tell me how tired they feel after the high wears off. I've experienced this every time i've had this tea. Depending on your metabolism it'll take between 15 and 50 minutes for you to feel anything. The effects will last anywhere from 4-10 hours, the first two or three being extremely intense, and the last few being extremely relaxing. -Just because you're drinking it doesn't mean you won't get red eyes! You will look like you just blazed a whole dutch to yourself. So if you're someone who gets red eye real bad (like I do) then make sure you stay safe. Eating weed gives you an incredible body high, especially if you eat enough. I usually get a tingling/numbing in my legs and I can hardly feel my hands. Not to mention focused concentration is impossible." I will be making it and then letting it sit and cool off, then I will say what happens each half hour. Products Enjoyed: a moonrocks topped Backwood of some Grape Ape. It’s group-friendly, cost-efficient, and you don’t have to be great to enjoy it. So there I was, back home in Oklahoma City, chillin with a couple of homies. We’re cycling through ideas for activities to do, because getting high at the house and watching episodes of The Office that we’d aready seen millions of times wasn’t cutting it. It’d been forever since we’d played, and we knew it wouldn’t be that expensive at the ol’ Heritage Lanes—a bowling alley where you can drop $10 and play all night long. We twist up one more fatty Backwood, throw some moonrocks on top of the flower, then head up to the alley. Once we’re there, we start our first game, and after a few frames, everyone is in a zone. What was supposed to be a friendly high activity is now life-and-death competition. I win our first game and now I’m feeling myself, so I suggest that whoever has the least amount of wins at the end of the night has to buy the next gram of Moonrocks. After five games, my first win turned out to be my only win. But regardless of the fact that I had to fork out $40 for a gram of moonrocks—as well as suffer the embarrassment of being a loser—bowling was still the most fun I’d had in a really long time. Bowling enables you to spend quality time outside of the normal realm bar-hopping and eating.

It gives you a true activity that won’t result in you thinking “Okay, now what?” afterwards. After a few “practice” frames, you start to find your rhythm (as well as your roll), and suddenly you think you know how to roll nothing but strikes for the rest of your life. Bowling is particularly cheap: Between games and concessions, we only spent about $50 collectively, and any time you can save money on an activity and spend it on cannabis, it’s a great time. It’s a great activity for you and the homies to get stoned and indulge. Just make sure not to suggest any bets that’ll result in you having to empty your pockets. Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. By submitting this form, you will be subscribed to news and promotional emails from Leafly and you agree to Leafly's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. And maybe you've been running around the forum, looking up rooting hormone posts, and if it's necessary or not to have rooting hormone? And then you went onto wondering which medium would be the best, peat pucks, rock wool maybe?

How about instead you rinse out that old 24 of beer bottles you have sitting around the house, and get to work cloning that plant right now? Simply take a beer bottle Rinse it out, fill it up with cold tap water Take your plant Select a shoot from a true node (one with 2 shoots coming out at the same level) Cut it on an angle \ Cut off the smaller leaves towards the bottom of the cutting, leaving the bigger top leaves Place it in the beer bottle, making sure the stem is submerged in water, and change the water ever 4-7 days. ***(I don't even tweak the cutting under water first, but you can, by placing the cutting under water, and rolling the stem between your fingers near the cut to push out any air bubbles that tried to get up the stem, which could kill your cutting)*** You'll have roots in 7-10 days normally.


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