kozo grinder

Kozo grinder

This is the grinder you were looking for!

Kozo grinders present an amazing grinder with a unique design at an affordable price!

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“this one is probably the best. ” “10/10 for me (:” “Kozo grinder is a paragon among other products.” “Best Grinder I have ever owned!”

LARGE CATCHER – Comes with mesh screen which captures and filters very fine herb into a big catcher.

USE LARGE QUANTITIES AT ONCE – Not like other grinders that hold small amounts of dry herb and therefore makes you grind small amounts few separate times, our grinder is 2.5″ wide with deep chambers that hold large amount of herb, which means you’ll be able to grind up more herbs at once.

FUNCTIONAL! Our premium grinder is in the perfect size for both portable and home purposes. The weight is nice and heavy, but not too much that it’s a burden to carry around. It’s THE ULTIMATE GIFT! If you don’t buy it for yourself at least make your friends Happy.