knock out bong

The Knockout Bong

US$39.95 (as of Nov 18, 2020 – 5:26 am)

Do you love to knock yourself out? Push your game up? If Yes. Then you should love the Knockout Bong. You can literally chug your beer and smoke that sweet cannabis serially and seamlessly. It is portable, easy to clean and environmentally safe.


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More Information

Many people who do knockouts often find themselves using fire shots and right hooks. These standards are fine, but there is an even better one. Once you experience this type, there is no going back. Welcome to the Knockout Bong. This perfect device from the Knockout is here to do what it is designed to do; knock you out and do it in style. With this beer bong, you can drink and smoke off almost immediately after.

The Knockout Bong is designed to be attached to any standard bottle top, and it will look like a metal straw bent to fit into a bright red plumbing pipe. Once in place, it can serve as a standard beer bong, a gravity bong or a water bong. This revolutionary knockout kit was engineered by two engineers and a pilot in Ottawa in 2012 using plumbing parts. After some good presentations and improvements, the Knockout made hits the next year and soon they were in business.

How to use the Knockout as a Bong

To use the knockout device as a bong for let’s say, Beer; simply fit the device onto any full bottle of beer and invert (that is, turn it over). The tube (which is made of stainless steel), allows air to flow into the bottle from one end while the beer flows out smoothly on the other end. Removing the bottom piece of the Knockout enables your beer (or any liquid) to flow out even faster.

Well, here comes the real deal and the actual reason behind the creation of this bong – the Knockout. If you need to add some spice to your beer chugging, you could light your bottle with some THC (Cannabinoids ) using the air-end of the device as you drink your beer. Once you’re done, inhale your sweet THC; the air fills the bottle as the beer empties out. Thus, you chug your beloved beer and smoke that sweet pot almost immediately (fantastic, right?).

The Knockout Bong is a fantastic gift that would be perfect for your house parties, bachelor parties and so much more. Other amazing advantages of this bong is that it is dishwasher safe, made of stainless steel and silicone (environmentally safe), and is travel friendly. (Literally fits into your pocket).

Improve your party life with the Knockout Bong – chug that beer and smoke 'pot' seamlessly. It is travel friendly, safe and easily maintained.