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It's easy to see that all these symptoms can accumulate into poor sleep, fatigue, and irritability. It's not normal to feel intensely itchy after exposure to marijuana (or ever, really). Some weed allergy sufferers report developing rashes or hives along with their itchiness.

Last but not least and worst of all, some researchers claim that consuming marijuana may make users more susceptible to fruit and vegetable allergies. If you unfortunately start seeming generally allergic and have a hard time pinning it down, this horrible but aptly named "cannabis-fruits/vegetables syndrome" is worth considering. So for the past 4 years, I have developed and dealt with a chronic post nasal drip. It started 4 years ago and up until 8 months ago it did not really bother me that much. 8 months ago it started to cause Ear/Eustachian Tube troubles (plugged ears/goop and liquid is always up there now) which apparently is something that post nasal drip can lead to or cause. Now, I do not want to have to give up my precious MMJ, but this really scares me. I stopped smoking completely within the first months of my ears getting problems, and picked up a very nice vaporizer (silver surfer). Heres where it gets confusing; when I smoked I would feel the mucus or w/e that is in my sinuses and ears kinda get more plugged up and stuffy, and then the next morning it would all be drained or draining.

Now that I vape (usually multiple times a day, through a waterpipe), whenever I use it, I get this runny/mucusy feeling, and its most noticeable probably 45 min to an hour after consumption. I can feel stuff sliding and moving through my Ear tubes and sinuses/throat. There is also the matter of ear clicking and popping, which I can manually cause by the fact I've gained control of the muscles that flex my eustachian tubes (theres some term for this) which can be annoying as all hell when I get into a nervous bout and just sit there popping and cracking my ears from stress or out of habit. This happens even when sober, but when I vape theres a few extra pops or clicks added on occasionally, which I attribute to the fact whatever is stuck up in my head is now more loose and liquidy with the introduction of cannabis into my system. This may be me just being a crack-pot, but I have a theory for why I feel more liquid and mucus when I vape and why I feel so runny when i do. I have looked the subject up of vapes and respiratory irritation on the net extensively and the only stuff I could find was people either saying vaping caused no problems (which i'm not sure is true) or that it caused very minor irritation; I'm still worried though that inhaling something hurts my cillia bad and prevents the proper expelling of this liquid. So, disregarding the minor irritation that may or may not be there, maybe this hot vapor is already loosening/dethickening the mucus in me from its heat, while at the same time the THC and its expectorants are causing the mucus to get really liquidy and runny. I have used mucinex before too and honestly, unless its my mind playing tricks, I have felt similar effects from that as what inhaling cannabis does. Even edibles cause the same effect, albeit with minor differences I can't really remember or notice that bad from the fact there is no inhaled matter. While it can be uncomfortable, I really want to continue MMJ use and I am really unsure as to whether or not what I'm feeling is a good thing or not. Im under the assumption that if I can feel mucus running out my ears and sinuses and being loose, thats much better than it just sitting there thicker and dried. I have tried stopping cannabis use for a couple weeks with no improvement too. So anyone have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas to throw in on this matter? The most important thing to take away from this is that you should stay far away from water pipes and bowls. I had a roommate that had symptoms much like yours and would rip the bong before bed and every morning feel like shit with post nasal drip. When I went from the bong to the vaporizer my activity level changed and my stuffy noses stopped. I will say though that I began getting bloody noses almost regularly for awhile when ripping the vaporizer. I take only a few small hits to get where i want to be. It has personally helped me conquer asthma and its use as an expectorant and a bronchial dilator has been much under appreciated. A one hitter dugout is one of the simplest ways to smoke legal herbs on the market. Most d ugouts only have a couple parts to them and they work great together. Those parts are a one hitter bat and the dugout case . The case normally has two compartments, one of which holds the one hitter and one holds your herb. The dugout was made in the 1970s when cigarettes were banned from major league baseball dugouts and players needed a tobacco fix.

They solve the problem of needing a quick hit of herb discreetly and effectively. Before you put herb into the dugout, it is best to grind the herb up so it smokes easier. Grinding the herb up can be done by hand, with a grinder, or with a grinder card. After you have ground up your herb, you need to funnel the herb into the dugout pipe’s storage side. This is part of the dugout case that is designed to hold the herb. After you have herb in the dugout, you remove the one hitter from the tool side and push it into the storage side.

This will pack the herb into the one hitter pipe and allow you to take a quick puff. You need to twist the one hitter bat a few times into the herb, as the herb needs to be well packed into the one hitter.


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