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It has an airtight seal which promotes deep-chugging, and ensuring water filtration. Plus, the included ice mold makes cubes which are perfectly sized for the Heavy Duty Beaker. Added to that it's easy to keep the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong in top condition because it comes with a convenient carry case that is sturdy and reliable. You can use it to store the bong during your travels or just for when you're not using it.

Created by Grav Labs, this Beaker Bong is a truly great piece of art. Made from borosilicate glass its distinctive shape could easily take away from how innovative the ice bong is. It features a fixed downstem that won't sacrifice any of the diffusion capabilities. The ice-catcher of the bong has been lowered so it can double up as a splash guard, too. Because of its placement you can drop ice cubes right into the neck of the bong and then the smoke will just glide across the ice during each hit. Aside from automatically decreasing the temperature of harsh, hot smoke, there are some other benefits to using an ice bong that you might not even be aware of. This is the most important of all things an ice catcher can do for you.

The ice in the ice catcher actually works more efficiently to filtrate the smoke. Plus, with better filtration comes a lot of positive knock on effects, as we shall see below. If you’re into bongs then you’re probably also into getting the biggest hits possible. Well, if you can get your smoke better filtrated then it’s going to be smoother, and if it’s smoother then you’re going to be able to inhale more so… Bigger rips for everyone!! This, hopefully, doesn’t need to be spelled out for anybody here but take our word for it: bong water is disgusting. Added to that, no one wants to be enjoying their huge rips only to get a taste of bong water. Tasting bong water has been attributed to 100% of people never wanting to try a bong again. That’s an unchecked, unofficial survey we conducted, but we think it’s accurate. Okay, this is a bit of a cheap reason, but it’s true. Everyone who uses a bong secretly wants to be a mad scientist. It’s the 21st century and scientific gizmos are in, and will be forever. High grade borosilicate glass with an ice catcher brings a level of satisfaction to smoking that’s hard to value. You can see your smoke billowing up like you’re the Dr. Frankenstein of bongs, breathing life back into what might be a routine activity. While the Ice Bong could be one of the best smokes you have ever had in your life, there have been some reported drawbacks. While Ice Bongs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, the one consistent aspect is that they can be quite expensive. A decent Ice Bong could see you being around $60.00 out of pocket. One thing to bear in mind though is that while the Ice Bong is a more premium piece of equipment, you are paying for quality. If you’re serious about your kit, then an Ice Bong is a very worthy investment. However, at EveryoneDoesIt, we have an extensive range of very affordable Ice Bongs from. Another aspect to be wary of when buying an Ice Bong is the Ice itself. Ice cubes have been known to stick together when melting within close proximity to each other.

This makes it rather difficult to remove them after a while. The best course of action is to play the waiting game. While you could take ice and stick it in any old bong, Ice Bongs have been specially designed to accommodate the drastic changes in temperatures within the bong itself. The constant changes between cold temperatures from the ice and warm temperatures from the smoke can crack the glass of a normal bong. However, the extra ingenuity that has taken care of this has rendered the Ice Bong one tough mother. Some users have also expressed concern about the potential health risks of Ice Bongs. It is speculated that it is not healthy to inhale air at such a low temperature for fear that it may lead to bronchitis. However, these theories are completely unfounded and are backed up by no scientific research whatsoever, so don’t let this deter you. While the Ice Bong is a slightly more premium piece of equipment, you are getting every bit of value for money from it.

The Ice Bong is top of the range where smoking comfort is considered and is the first name in smoking luxury. Check out a store for a range of stunning premium Ice Bongs, to the more humble and affordable Ice Bongs for those of you on a budget.


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