journey smoking pipe

Journey J3 Pipe

  • Description

A pipe for smoking flower.


Get moving with the Journey3 pipe, equipped the technology that makes for seamless storage and transportation. The die-cast zinc body cools smoke as it moves through the chamber, making for a buttery smooth smoking experience.
– Shatterproof
– Screenless
– Magnetic
– Die-cast zinc

Best practices

Pack : Scoop your ground up flower into the bowl of the pipe. Light up when ready, or store by swiveling the lid over the bowl to prevent spills.

Clean : Simply pop Journey open, give a quick wipe with a damp tissue, or simply use warm water and dish soap. Next, snap it back together.

The Journey3 pipe is for smoking dried flower and is perfect for seamless storage and transportation. Get more information about this at Tokyo Smoke today. ]]>