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Once it reaches this temperature, remove the mix from the oven and mix in your choice of flavoring. Line some trays with either wax paper or another non-stick material and place in the freezer until completely hard. This medication should be ready after 1 or 2 hours in the freezer. Warning: use pieces that are around the same size as a normal Jolly Rancher to start with. To all of the internet glass "experts" that keep sending me messages: How many of you have spent $10k+ on glass over the last 30 days?

How many of you have added 40+ new pieces to your collection over the last 30 days? How many of you have actually own enough glass to hit a Sovereignty Glass Works Peyote Pillar, Stem/8, and a King Stemline back-to-back-to-back and then hit a Toro circ/circ, circ/13 and a 7/13 back-to-back-to-back in the same session for comparison? Keep this in mind when you decide to send me messages telling me how much I suck and don't know shit about glass. Yes I may have just started collecting high end glass recently but I bought my first bong in 1989. Everything from Graffix and JBD to Toro and Sovereignty. Please keep sending me hate mail as I do enjoy reading it.

I know this is going to piss you haters off and is why I am announcing it. In a couple more months I will have acquired enough glass and knowledge to start my own glass review website. I'll be posting ACTUAL functionality reviews with matching video as proof. Not just what I think a certain piece will hit like if I am ever lucky enough to hit it. I have my eye on a few reviewers already based on some vids I've seen. Any ideas as far as NUGGETRY brand buds spreading to other states? I believe there will be a fair amount of medical marijuana collectives popping up in the near future. Superchance17 - That's hard to say as I make some pretty crazy videos. Dear Chubbs - What is your complete full in detail view on marijuana legalization and when and how do you think it will become legal? Superchance17- I don't see full legalization happening in my lifetime unfortunately. If it happens, I'd be stoked but to be honest, I am cool with things the way they are right now. I just hate thinking about people being arrested or going to jail for weed. Looks: Buds were perfect round golf ball sized nuggets. A nice light green with the tiniest specks of purple. Smell: Super strong, proper fresh, sweet smell that tingles the back of your nose. Strong body high, not couch lock but I feel the need to sit down. ALWAYS click the, "For the BEST VIEW of this DANK?" link at the top of each issue. It's only been since April this year that I hit a bong with a perc. I'd like to know more about them and expand my 'having tested' list. -Bell -Dome -Mushroom(?) -Tree -Inline -Disc diffused. -Swiss -Helix/Double Helix (?) -Waffle -Showerhead. Currently I have; 14 inch stemless double disc (8 slits per disc) tube. 18 mm 12 arm tree ash catcher 14 mm 13 slit inline ashcatcher 12 arm tree bubbler 18 mm Conical bowls GonG 14 mm GonG bowls too many to list 18 mm HiSi 7 hole no screen bowl 18 mm ice pinch bowl (dunno the brand, it was from Aqualabs) A bunch of diffused down stems A broken double 12 arm tree perch 24 inch tube. The only thing broken is the perks; otherwise it still works. -My current favourite for no drag is adding the inline perch to a cheap 4 arm tree t-ube.

Quick, dirty, but the tree arms are far too close to the all of the piece, and it clogs once every 4-6 rips. -For a filtered micro hit (equivalent to 2 one hitters from a dugout/bat. maybe one) I prefer the 12 arm bubbler with the ice pinch bowl.

Just pull; no need to clear the bubbler since there is almost zero restrict n in air flow. -To medicate quickly and heavily, I use a 12 arm ash catcher, stemless disc diffused tube and HiSi bowl.


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