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As is the case with recent pulse offerings, the design is practically flawless from an aesthetics point of view with a myriad of creative designs topped off with sandblasted glass. The glass is 55m thick and extremely durable, and these rigs have gorgeous patterns with windows in the recycling and main chambers. This feature enables you to see your smoke and also the spinning of the water. Obviously, function is king with dab rigs and Pulse excels in this department too. The recycling chamber does an outstanding job of providing a smooth and delicious hit every single time.

The neck is bent and, when combined with the height of the recycling chamber, you have a rig that prevents water from rising up the neck. One downside is that you’ll need to exert yourself significantly if you wish to keep the water spinning constantly. If nothing else, the Pulse Incycler rig may force you to get into shape so you can get the most out of your weed concentrate! The reason for the necessary additional force is because this Pulse model is bigger than most comparable models; smaller chambered rigs require less lung capacity but also provide inferior flavor. It is one of the best-designed rigs on the market and it works about as well as it looks. It provides excellent flavor and you couldn’t ask for a device to give you smooth hits as consistently as this Incycler. Ill Glass was founded in 2010 and currently operates out of Denver, Colorado. It is known for producing cutting-edge rigs and its Flux Cycler is an award-winning device.

In our Glass Smuggler review , we found that it was the smallest rig created by the company. First of all, the Ill Glass Smuggler is outstanding for portability since it is one of the few high-quality glass rigs on the market capable of fitting in your pocket. We were delighted to learn that the Smuggler still includes the brand’s outstanding Flux Finger percolator so there was no danger of losing quality or function. The rig is beautifully created with intricate handcrafted designs, and the percolator offers 24 points of diffusion which guarantees smooth hits. As the name suggests, the Smuggler is designed to be carried around discreetly. At 5.5 inches high, 2.75 inches wide, 3.25 inches long and weighing just 0.35 pounds, the rig achieves its goal. Its tube bushing uses a 14mm male joint while the slide bushing uses a 14mm female joint. The rig has a second can stacked on top of the main chamber at the neck. The design features a bent neck and ridges which ensure water won’t splash up your mouth. As it is a portable clear production glass pipe , we felt as if the cost was a little on the steep side. You can buy it from $385 and you can find it on the brand’s official website . To be clear, we love this device as it is one of the best small incyclers on the market. It is also a clean rig that offers nice hits and its percolator functions extremely well. However, there are larger, better-performing rigs available for less than $100 extra. Zob Glass was founded in Southern California and has been creating scientific glass water bongs with an extra zest for several years. The majority of their offerings include a straight tube made of clear borosilicate glass and a beaker body. As we found during our Zob Rig review , this product is no different. However, the Chamber Bubbler is almost ‘tame’ by the experimental standards of the company. It is known for pushing the boundaries by experimenting with scientific glass bongs and creating ranges with bizarre sounding names such as the Wubbler; one of Zob Rig’s best-known inventions. As well as gaining fame for the structural design of their pipes, Zob Rigs is legendary for helping users create their own custom pipes. While other firms try to be zany for the sake of it, Zob Rigs shows method in its madness. Its glass designs rely on repeating patterns for example, because the firm knows these designs work. One of its most outspoken proponents is a man named Professor Gill. He appeared in videos on YouTube which discuss dab rigs and answers questions on topics such as “What makes American glass so great?” and “what is a shower head perc?” (with added profanity). Gill is a scientist that dances to the beat of his own drum and is the ideal spokesperson for the brand. Zob Rig’s Chamber Bubbler is one of its more affordable options at a price of $170.

It has a 75mm diameter and is made with 5mm of durable glass. The chamber is large enough to hold a reasonable amount of smoke and the fixed stem provides ample diffusion. As a result, you receive cooled vapor without sacrificing the quality. A bent neck seems standard for high-quality rigs and this Zob oil rig is no different; the design prevents water from splashing up the neck. We were happy to discover that we could smoke in comfort without having to crouch over the rig.

We are not going to pretend that this Zob glass Rig offering is perfect. It is possibly the least aesthetically pleasing device on this list for example. However, what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in function, convenience and price!


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