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You’ll be handling cash, credit cards and merchandise that can be easily stolen, so the company needs you to be low risk. Someone with assault or substance abuse convictions may also have a more difficult time getting hired. This is because working in customer service and closely with co-workers in a fast-paced job can be stressful.

The company needs to know that you can keep your cool under these conditions. Finally, if you want to get hired as a Truck Driver, be prepared to show that your record won’t get in the way of you doing the job or Sunoco’s ability to insure you. after an offer of employment, the Company reserves the right to require substance abuse testing of all job applicants for the presence of controlled substances (drugs).” Have you applied for a job or worked here? Sandy Bell-Murray worked for more than thirty years for the Ontario public service, mainly in adult and youth justice. She began as a Probation and Parole Officer, then became a policy analyst, program supervisor and manager. Currently, she delivers workshops focused on building personal resilience and managing stress. She is an active member of Toastmasters International.

In an ideal world, with rigorously regulated dispensaries and organic pot at shoppers' disposal, would a healthy person be healthier if she used marijuana? Balancing 24 credits, marching band, sorority council meetings, and a part-time job was taking a toll on Cali G., then a 21-year-old University of Missouri student. I would come home from class, grab a beer, and chug my way into a fog," she says. After one particularly brutal hangover, Cali swore off hard drinking. Then, on a camping trip with friends, she had a pot epiphany. "My friends told me that smoking weed is safer for your lungs than cigarettes," says Cali, who is now 24 and living in southern California. "After learning how to do it, I sank into a state of relaxation I'd rarely felt before. It was like I'd been wearing a weighted vest but now it was lifted off." The next morning, Cali watched as campers who had gotten drunk staggered out of their tents. "I was munching on Goldfish crackers, thinking, Damn, I'm glad I missed out," she recalls. "That went against what I'd believed before: Weed is bad, and alcohol is legal. There's a reason for that, right?" Long-held beliefs about pot are shifting fast. Fifty- three percent of Americans (and 68 percent of millennials) support legalization, according to a March 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center. It's already fine to use medicinally in 23 states and DC—prescribed for pain, nausea, insomnia, PTSD, and more—and you can light up recreationally in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Which means plenty of people may be wondering the same thing as Cali: Might pot be better for you than alcohol? In the Pew survey, about 7 out of 10 respondents said drinking is the more damaging habit. Last year, researchers compared the deadliness of 10 substances for a study published in Scientific Reports . Alcohol abuse is linked to 1 in 10 deaths among 20- to 64-year-olds annually, including car accidents, homicides, and suicides. Smoking cigarettes kills more than 200,000 women each year from heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, and emphysema. Marijuana, meanwhile, was last on the list—about 114 times less fatal than alcohol. "In modest amounts, marijuana doesn't cause terrible harm to anyone's health," says Igor Grant, MD, director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, at the University of California at San Diego. Still, he and other experts argue that more research is needed before we endorse pot as a health positive. But because the federal government categorizes marijuana in the most dangerous class of drugs, it's incredibly difficult to get the approval and supplies necessary to conduct a gold-standard study that might show weed's benefits. Pot may turn out to be a more virtuous vice than booze, but that doesn't mean getting baked is good for you. It's no news flash that marijuana use affects coordination, time perception, and memory. It can hinder your ability to pay attention and alter your judgment, says Nora Volkow, MD, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

"Sometimes, I do get to that point where I can't focus and realize I've smoked too much," says Annie D., 25, who works in e-commerce in Washington.

Teens and young adults, in particular, may not be able to learn as much while high, Dr.


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