iridescent bong

Iridescent Bong

Smoother, cleaner hits iridescent colored beaker bong

Get lost in luxury with the lustrous Iridescent Bong. Standing at 12 and 14 inches tall, this beautifully crafted bong is made of high quality, heat stable borosilicate glass. Its beaker-shaped base allows for you to maximize the total smoke volume, while also ensuring it won’t easily get knocked over in between sessions. The small slits positioned at the bottom of the downstem will increase diffusion by breaking up the smoke and ultimately providing a smoother, cleaner inhale. Located in the neck of the bong is a 3-pinch ice catcher that will further cool the smoke once it passes through the chamber, and prior to it reaching your lungs.

✨ 12, 13 and 14 Inches Tall

✨ 3-Pinch Ice Catcher

✨ Beaker Shaped Base

✨ Top Quality Borosilicate Glass

If its eye catching style isn’t enough to sell you, the massive hits this bong delivers will certainly have you thanking the 420 gods that you added this piece to your collection.

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Watch the swirling iridescent colors change and get richer and deeper the more you use this 14” Iridescent Bong made from colored borosilicate glass. The mor..

Water Pipes

Water Pipes and Bongs are the most popular way to smoke herbs and tobacco today. These awesome glass bongs and water pipes provide a filtered hit that catches ashes and tar and allows the smoke to go down smooth. Water pipes can be made out of glass, silicone, ceramic, acrylic, and plastics. We have a large selection of quality water pipes and bongs. From small bongs, large bongs, percolator bongs, beaker bongs, silicone bongs, Iridescent colored glass bongs and many more from top glass blowers and quality glass companies.

  • Acrylic Waterpipes
  • Ceramic Bongs
  • Gas Mask Bongs
  • Recyclers
  • Silicone Waterpipes
  • Blunt Bubblers
  • Transformer Tube
In Stock
  • Aqua Works (9)
  • Attaglass (22)
  • Diamond Glass (13)
  • Dopezilla (9)
  • Downtown Hookah Connection (14)
  • Eyce Molds (6)
  • Famous Brandz (6)
  • Grav (21)
  • JM Enterprises (26)
  • Medicali (7)

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  • Black (11)
  • Blue (2)
  • Clear (2)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark (1)
  • Jade (1)
  • Milky Jade (2)
  • Milky Pink (1)
  • Milky Purple (1)
  • Milky Teal (4)
  • Milky Yellow (1)

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Joint Gender
Joint Size
  • 9mm (5)
  • 14mm (9)
  • 14mm (with Downstem) (5)
  • 14mm Female (1)
  • 19mm Female (3)
Downstem Length
  • 4.5″ (1)
  • 5″ (1)
Pipe Height
  • 4″ (1)
  • 5″ (1)
  • 5.5″ (1)
  • 10″ (8)
  • 12″ (12)
  • 13″ (2)
  • 15″ (1)
  • 16″ (8)
  • 18″ (2)
  • 22″ (1)

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