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The model is intended for use as a tobacco or dry herb vaporizer. Arizer Extreme Q is highly versatile Allows you to vape with a balloon, a water pipe or a whip Remote control makes Arizer Extreme Q easy to use Arizer brand has one of longest warranties available today Model is durably constructed and very quiet. Arizer Extreme Q has a longer vapor balloon fill time than the Volcano Balloons do not have a valve integrated into the design, so if not careful, they can leak Glass components will become hot during use and will need to cool before refilling Manual controls on the vaporizer are more difficult to use than other models.

In-Depth of the Arizer Extreme Q: - Price - Arizer Extreme Q retail price is $350 , and could be found for around $270, making it a mid-priced one of the best desktop models. - Reputation - For the most part, the Arizer Extreme Q has a great reputation. Most reviews and owners of vape shops sing the praises of the vapor quality, as the glass mouthpiece eliminates impurities that can affect the taste. Some people do find that the enhanced features of this model do not add enough value to justify its price tag, but even these individuals usually give the model a good rating in terms of the quality of the vapor. - Guarantee - The ceramic element inside of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is backed by a lifetime warranty, giving it one of the longest warranties in the industry. There is also a 3-year warranty on the overall workmanship and other parts. - Prep Time - Compared to the Volcano Digit, the Arizer Extreme Q has a slower prep time, as it can take up to 2 minutes to fill a balloon with dense vapor; however, if you use other draw methods, the Extreme will be ready for use more quickly. Keep in mind that while the plastic body of the vaporizer remains cool to the touch, the glass components do grow hot with use. If you wish to refill the vaporizer, you'll likely need to turn it off and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to be cool enough to handle.

- Portability, Size and Privacy - The Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop model that is not meant to be portable. The model measures 6 inches in diameter at the bottom and is 7.5 inches tall, making it slightly more compact than the Volcano Vaporizer. You'll be able to store it out of sight when it's not in use. - Ease of Use - How easy the Arizer Extreme Q will be for you to use will depend on whether you use the remote control or the controls on the actual vaporizer. The remote control makes the model extremely easy to operate and allows for foolproof results. By comparison, the manual controls on the device are much more difficult to operate. You'll want to be sure to keep the remote control in an easily accessible place where it won't get lost. If you choose to use the Arizer Extreme Q with a bag, you won't have to master any special breathing techniques. Using a whip or water pipe with the vaporizer may take some time to master; however, this is one of the few vaporizer models that allows you to use all three draw methods. - Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Arizer Extreme Q is a forced air convection vaporizer with reliable temperature controls that greatly decrease the chances of combustion. One important consideration is that the temperature listed on the front is that of the heating core, not the temperature of dry herbs. - Power Supply - The Arizer Extreme Q plugs into a standard wall outlet for operation. For best results, pack your dry herbs into the elbow glass component rather than into the cyclone bowl. If you want to use ARIZER Extreme Q as an aromatherapy device or to deodorize the room, follow the steps above, but place your potpourri or essential oils into the Cyclone Bowl. Turn the fan onto low or medium speed to help spread the fragrance throughout the room using the whip. How to use Extreme Q with a Whip: If you are interested in vaping with the Extreme Q Vaporizer and the included whip, simply follow these steps: Plug in the Extreme Q Use the remote or the LCD screen to set the temperature Allow the unit to heat up for 15 minutes Use a herb grinder for your herbal blend Place the blend in the Cyclone Bowl and put the bowl on the warming unit Connect the elbow of the whip to the Cyclone bowl by swiveling it into place Inhale slowly and deeply. If the vapor is too hot, try inhaling a little more quickly After every four to five draws from the mouthpiece, stop and use the stirrer to mix up your blend. This will help to ensure that the herbal blend you have selected is fully vaporized When finished, allow the bowl to cool and then empty it. NOTE : You can turn the fan on to vape with the whip using forced air technology. How to use Extreme Q with a Balloon Bag: To vape with ARIZER Extreme Q Forced-Air, follow this process: Plug in ARIZER Extreme Q Vaporizer Use the remote or the LCD screen to set the temperature Allow the unit to heat up for 15 minutes Grind your herbal blend Attach the mini whip to the bag by sliding it into place Place the blend in the Cyclone Bowl and put the bowl on the warming unit Connect the mini whip to the Cyclone bowl by swiveling it into place Turn the fan onto the highest setting Wait for the bag to fill Turn the fan off Disconnect the mini whip from the bowl and then from the bag Keep your finger over the mouthpiece until you are ready to inhale the vapor. Extreme Q features an LCD display screen Indicator lights for the fan, timer and heat levels Power on/off button Up and down keys Menu button that is used for selecting the temperature, turning the base light on and off, adjusting the fan speed and setting the automatic shutoff timer.

Fan Keys - Press the '1' fan key for low, the '2' fan key for medium & '3' fan key for high fan speed Light Key - Press once to turn the base light on. Press again to turn it off Power Key - Press once to turn the unit on and again to turn it off 2H Key - Push to turn on the 2-hour shut off timer 4H Key - Push to turn on the 4-hour shut off timer 0H Key - Push to cancel either shut off timer Audio Key - Press once to turn on the BEEP noise function and again to turn it off Temperature keys - Press to automatically preheat the unit to 50, 100, 200, 210, 220 or 230 degrees Fahrenheit Plus and Minus keys - Use these keys to manually adjust the temperature up or down. Your Extreme Q should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it in the best possible condition. Follow these tips for best results: Always unplug the unit and allow it to cool completely before cleaning Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab or pipe cleaner to clean glass components. Rinse with hot water after cleaning to remove unwanted vapor residues A simple damp cloth can be used to clean the housing and the remote control If any debris falls into the tabletop vaporizer, turn it off and invert it to shake out the lost material. 1 Vaporizer unit 1 Whip with a glass end and an adapter 2 Cyclone bowls 2 High-quality collection bags, complete with glass end pieces and O-rings to facilitate connection 3-inch mini whip for use with collection bags 1 Remote control with three-volt lithium battery 1 110-220-volt power adapter 1 Aroma therapy dish 1 Glass stirrer 2 extra glass end pieces 1 package of replacement screens. Important Safety for ARIZER Extreme Q: To ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience, always follow these safety tips: The Cyclone bowl will become very hot during use. Allow it to cool completely and grab it by the black heat-resistant ring to empty it safely All of the glass components are hot when the unit is in use.

Do not touch them or place them on any surface that is not protected from the heat Never run hot glass components under cold water. This could cause shattering Let the Extreme Q cool down completely prior to handling Handle all glass components gently.


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