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Snoop Dogg in the I’ll Be Rich Forever Bee Sunglasses in Jet Luxe. The same aviators you love from the I'll Be Rich Forever style, with variations of dark lens! Items marked “Preorder” will ship in 2-3 weeks from order date. Central Oregon Coast Preview: Lincoln City Glass Floats, Halloween, Snoop Dogg.

Published 10/07/2019 at 4:53 AM PDT By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff. (Lincoln City, Oregon) – It’s a series of dark and stormy nights on the central Oregon coast, with Lincoln City going bump in the night – and during the day. It’s simply going bonkers with all kinds of events in October and November, including food, theater, Celtic music, plenty of Halloween stuff and a visit by Snoop Dogg. Hear about the mysterious Ghost Schooner of Siletz Bay, the spooky goings-on at the Oregon Coast’s oldest continuously operated pub, an eerie local Bigfoot sighting, and much more during this fun and spooky walking tour of the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City. Hunt 100 extra glass floats as we kick off the new season. Enjoy three sets of swing, waltz, polka, foxtrot and more, played by 25 musicians, both amateur and professional, from the beach and beyond. Open table seating and a no-host bar with beer, wine, sodas and sweet treats. Author Valerie Davisson is the third presenter for this October Series.

Raise some money for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter! LCAS recently had to vacate their building and need to raise some money for a new location. Special Oktoberfest beers on tap, donating $1 from each pint, selling $1 raffle tickets, and of course accepting any donations to help our local animals. Gaelic Supergroup and unchallenged champions of straight-in-the-eye Highland music are based around West Lochaber and the Isle of Skye. 4-hour class where you will learn to master the basics of bread making. Everyone will leave with all the bakery goods they have made. Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college - a thriller that Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway smash. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Dark & Stormy Nights: Author Alexandra Mason is the fourth presenter for this October Series. Twelve films, from the silent era through modern day will be featured. Films included: Stand By Me, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Goonies, and many more. Tickets for the entire festival are $60 for one person and $100 for two. Tickets for individual shows will be available on the day of the event. On the Saturday before All-Hallows-Eve, gather for a grown-up’s night of club music, adult beverages, and competitive costumes. Dark & Stormy Nights: Author Caitlin Starling is the final presenter for this October Series. Legendary rapper live in concert celebrating his new record release "I Want to Thank Me." 8 p.m. Dia De Meurtos (Day of the Dead) Family Celebration. Celebrate Day of the Dead with music, dancing, face-painting, and an altar to which anyone can add a remembrance of loved ones they wish to honor. It will also be a community-style potluck, in which those attending may bring a favorite dish to share. Special one night only event at Olde Line Lanes Restaurant and Bowling Alley. Start your holidays off the right way with these decadent dessert and cocktail pairings. In Salmon River Estuary, look for wintering birds in woodlands, marsh and along the river. The clinics are free and no registration is required. Sophie Janna and Margot Merah sing together like sisters.

Songs from the Celtic and American traditions and strong original songs are brought with clear voices, heavenly harmonies and full hearts. With honest, effective arrangements on bodhrán and guitar, the beautiful blend of the women’s voices takes the center stage. Without regular and diligent cleaning, your wonderful new pipe will become a soggy, ill-tasting mess, and will no longer provide you with the smoking pleasure you desire. To eliminate such problems, you need to embark on a regimen of regular pipe cleaning and maintenance for your pipes. Cleaning Materials Needed: Concerning Pipe 'Rotation': A smoker's rotation is the number of pipes they own, and the order the pipes are smoked in. This is an important concept to the care and cleaning of your pipes. First and foremost, because pipes need a rest in between smokes if they are to continue to function optimally. Before Smoking A Pipe: The care and cleaning of your pipe begins with your very first smoke, and should continue forward from there. Before each smoke, run a pipe cleaner, either bristle or regular, through the stem to dislodge any leftover ash and dottle, and gently tap your pipe on a cork knocker or the palm of your hand to remove these obstructions from the bowl.

While Smoking A Pipe: During a smoke is an excellent time to begin the process of caring for your pipe. You can begin by paying careful attention when lighting your pipe. Keep your flame source over the tobacco, so that it does not char the rim of your pipe. If the rim of your pipes begin to develop a bit of a dark tint to them, it can usually be removed by moistening a pipe cleaner with saliva and gently rubbing the rim of the pipe with it. Done regularly, this will eliminate the cause of the charred, blackened rims so common on un-cared-for pipes.


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