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The manufacturer claims you can get up to 150 dabs on a single battery charge, which I never got to actually check but even half that is outstanding for a battery rig. This controllability is used to give the Switch five basic heating profiles, each of which can be further broken down into five more in advanced mode. Just hold down the Dabber button when switching on to enter this mode – rainbow lights come on, and 25 temp settings (five colors, each with 5 temp levels in it) become available, spanning a 300-800 degrees F. (XXX degrees C.) You can further customize the hold times for draws too. That ‘super heat’ (800 degrees F.) mode burns off any residues in the cups, making it essentially self-cleaning (caveat ahead).

The glass well-and-cup has been designed to keep air out of the vaporization environment so combustion is physically impossible (it needs oxygen). The result is supposed to deliver smoother vapor, less waste and higher efficiency (another caveat on the way). I started out with a couple of very different weeds. Neville’s Haze, a sativa hybrid chock full of fruity terpenes with 16.8% THC and zero CBD. For contrast, I also used some Purple Power Bio, an outdoor grown ruderalis x sativa with 10.8% THC and 0.9% CBD. I loaded some fine-ground Haze into the black cup and carefully dropped this into glass well, filled the bubbler and slid this onto the glass well. I got the ground glass-on-glass squeak familiar to old school bong users and had to remind myself that this was actually a vaporizer. A switch at the base of the device was flipped to leaf mode and the five LEDs indicated that it was pre-set at 3 lights, which flashed green a few seconds later to indicate this temperature had been reached.

I should mention here that there are no thermal measurements shown on the device; they’re all pre-programmed, and the settings have as much to do with how the temperature is reached as the eventual temperature. It’s kind of black-boxy for anyone used to seeing a readout or even a temperature band, and you kind of have to trust the Dabber tech-heads – and play around with the settings. The Dr Dabber Switch is the first vape to use induction heating for fast heat up, economical battery life. The first hit was fruity and a bit thin, becoming less fruity and thicker with subsequent pulls. I think this thin-to-thick gradient had to do with the air in the carb mixing with the vapor and diluting it. The vapor was lovely and cool, as expected with the glass bubbler. I mean, maybe the induction heating draws out more of the higher boiling point cannabinoids, because the effect was very bodily and stoney compared to other vapes with their light, heady hits. The reverse tweezers are needed to pluck the hot cups of spent load out of the glass well. You can use them to place the cup into the well, or just drop it in). Tipping out the remains I was shocked to see what looked like granules of pure carbon. No browning or patches of green ABV, just jet black charcoal. And this is essentially what it is, for the other unique thing about the Switch heating in an oxygen-free environment is that pyrolysis takes place. In other words, the Switch is barely even vaporizering as we have been used to understanding the term. It produces not smoke or vapor but something in between. It is this aspect of the Switch that merits the term ‘controversial’. The vapor purists may well hate it, but (joint) smokers will probably love it. The pyrolysis generates a much thicker and more satisfying vapor (or whatever it is). This is undoubtedly less ‘clean’ and probably less healthy than pure terps-and-‘noids, but still healthier than smoking a bong or joint. The fruitiness suggests the terps are not being destroyed by pyrolysis, and the (very) tangible effects demonstrate that the cannabinoids are also getting through un-broken down. But what else is being created in this super-heated environment? I tried the Purple Bio next and while the vapor production was the same as the Haze, it had none of the fruitiness. I have to conclude that it’s just not a great herb to vape with, taste-wise. You have to turn the Switch off before turning it to Oil Mode, and use the white ceramic cup. There is a quartz crystal cup option that uses its own heat profile but these are not standard and I didn’t try it myself. Other reviews have noted that the extra money is worth it; the dab is improved significantly. You can hot load or cold load the dabbing material, but the latter produces a nicer flavor at lower temps.

In fact, so well that this is actually an outstanding and uncontroversial aspect of the Switch. It’s a great dab rig, one of the best battery operated available. Much less scary for newbies without the need for a torch, and just a superior user experience all round. Further sessions were spent playing around with the 5 or 25 heating profiles, and this is indeed a vape you need to play around with. It’ll handle any level of moistness of herb, you can get a regular ABV out of it at lower temps but you can also crank it up and nuke your weed for unbelievable clouds of whatever it is you get from intense pyrolysis. If you pack your herb tight and start at a low temp, you can reduce or eradicate the pyrolysis. You can also play around with the glass well lighting – there are multi-coloured LEDs in it, programmed into 36 light modes – for a modern version of the Lava lamp. It does generate a satisfying punch similar to a bong hit but with much better flavor, though I can understand why some reviewers say if dry herb is your prime motive maybe look elsewhere. HOSS Glass Adapter - Carbon Filter / Activated Charcoal Filter, 14mm H026-14.

Joint Size: Available in 14mm Male / Female (also available in 19mm Male / Female) Length: 4 Inches /10.2 cm Tube Diameter: Does NOT require a glass screen (unlike the GEAR version) - this HOSS version is MUCH better designed and functions much better than the GEAR version (as, similarly, does the Pulsar Glass version. Carbon NOT included - please see HOSS Carbon / Activated Charcoal Bags Available Separately!


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