huricane bongs

Huricane bongs

It’s “the best pipe of the world”, or so many fans have said.

The name of the smoking device, which features a double water filtration system, is Hurricane. The fine air jets punctured into its Duran glass corpus transform the column of smoke inside into the cyclone that this masterpiece has borrowed its name from. Heavy particles contained in the smoke, such as tar, are flung by centrifugal force against the inner glass wall, while the potent ingredients, in the form of purified air enriched with fresh air, rise through the eye of the Hurricane to take their effect.

The double filtration system guarantees an extremely pure and mild taste!

Its elegant design makes it an eye catcher no matter where it’s placed. Best of all: it’s almost ‘unbreakable’! And even if you do somehow manage to break it, we are able to repair it for you. Every Hurricane is a handmade unique item. The distinct corpus of the Hurricane is crafted out of Duran glass tube on the lathe of our skilled glass blower. Its three legs are forged in fire and then attached to the corpus. The mouth piece, kick-hole and sturdy Hurricane ground joints are also hand made. The process where each individual jet is punctured into the glowing hot glass of the Hurricane bears a resemblance to Zen meditation. To release any tension, the Hurricane is next heated to a high temperature in a furnace and then slowly cooled down to room temperature.

In the same manner, all further processing steps (sandblasting, engraving) are skilfully fashioned by hand. After successfully passing quality control, every Hurricane is assigned a serial number, 2 chillums, 1 dirtcatcher and 4 bowls and is finally ready to make its way to find an appreciator.

Hurricane Naked 750, 3 Düsen, Rauchtopf Dave, wohlbefüllt.
Entzünden der Rauchmischung (1) unter sanftem AnsaugBlubbern, Zeigefinger verschließt das Kickloch(2)

Kräftiges Ansaugen zieht Frischluft durch die Düsen(3) und versetzt den Rauch in schnelle Rotation.

der Sog reisst die Verbrennungsrückstände in den Schmutzfänger(4), Finger vom Kickloch(5) und inhalieren. Hinter den Düsen sind bereits beim ersten Zug deutliche Teerauswurfsstreifen(6) zu erkennen. – the Home of Hurricane-Pipes

Hurricane Bongs

Basix 1000 DTI amber – licensed by Hurricane
Basix 250 DTI – licensed by Hurricane

Hurricane Glass Bongs are offered by the company Rebublic of Bongland. This producer from Austria offers waterpipes of the highest level. Pleasant for eye and throat but also very expensive.

Each one of these bongs are individually produced, and although they are similar in shape, each has something distinctive be it the colour, size, the volume or the shape.

In the meantime, we have decided to sell the more affordable Basix version of Hurricane bongs, which is built as an officially licensed product.


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