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dab:Exporter allows you to extract tables from SAP. The extracted data gets converted into data formats which are appropriate for data analytics – for example ACL Analytics, ACL AX, GDPdU, Microsoft SQL Server or CSV (comma separated values). dab:Exporter is fully capable of downloading Big Data. Even huge SAP tables like the General Ledger in BKPF/BSEG can be exported easily.

SAP Systems & Target formats

dab:Exporter supports SAP starting from SAP R/3 4.5 – for example SAP ERP as well as SAPERP ECC 6.0. Data extracted is converted automatically to ACL Analytics Desktop, ACL Analytics Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, CSV (comma separated values) or GDPdU (which is a special format in context of the German tax law). Version 3.0 of dab:Exporter offers the option to put the extracted data directly, and in a very performant way, into a Microsoft SQL database. This turns your data into a base for different tools and scenarios, for example Dashboarding or Process-Mining solutions.

Big Data

Big data can be extracted from SAP without running into timeouts. This allows you to easily access tables that are well known for containing a massive volume of transactions, like the General Ledger table BSEG or the SAP change tables CDHDR and CDPOS.

Parallel downloading

Extracting Big Data from SAP can be time consuming. But what if you or a colleague need to acquire other data at the same time as an ongoing Big Data download? With dab:Exporter, such extractions are not a bottleneck anymore, thanks to the innovative concepts of having “Slots” in place. The same user can download different tables from the same SAP system simultaneously — or from different systems. Also, different users can download data from different systems simultaneously, even multiple tables at the same time.

Client Server Architecture

Teamwork and shared working environments, scalability, user access controls, resource-efficient data access — these are reasonable challenges for a data extraction tool. By being a native client/server application, dab:Exporter solves it all. Exported data can be saved directly to a server location and therefore be shared with a whole team. This allows you to save disk space and money, especially if you have to deal with big data.


Often, analytics need to be performed repeatedly and regularly, for example for CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) environments. With dab:Exporter you can automate your data access, and cover scenarios such as “Monthly Duplicate Payment check for Accounting”. The scheduler feature is the autopilot for your downloads. By setting up the time frame (monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly) the scheduler adjusts the download filters automatically. It can be relied up to provide you with the data you need at precisely the moment you need it.

For bigger analytic tasks you will almost certainly need several different tables, including filters and dependencies. The Package feature allows you to bundle all those elements together and make it reusable for you — you can also provide the package to another colleague to help make their life easier.

Not only can the download be automated, but the analytics that need to be performed afterwards can also be automated. This ensures that the tests are performed as soon as possible once the data export is complete.

Data protection & Encryption

As soon as data gets extracted, it needs to be protected. This may be an explicit legal requirement, for example the German regulation BDSG § 32, but there are many other reasons. With dab:Exporter, content can be encrypted during download, so it will not end up as plain text on your hard disk.

Selective content

The dab:Exporter contains a standard set of fields that can be encrypted automatically, but you can select your own content to be encrypted as well – for example: user names; bill of materials data; or customer / vendor information.

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dab:Exporter is a Big Data exporter for SAP. Downloads can be fully automated and sensitive data encrypted

Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Spanish to English Translator

dab 1

Pronunciation /dab/ /dæb/

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transitive verb dabs, dabbing, dabbed

1 Press against (something) lightly with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it.

  • ‘she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief’
  • ‘She lightly dabbed her bleeding forehead and winced, the pain shooting through her entire head like a sudden bolt of lightning.’
  • ‘He dabbed the cut lightly with another paper towel before working on the band-aid.’
  • ‘I took my napkin and gently dabbed it at my mouth, hoping that I hadn’t spurted out coffee in my surprise.’
  • ‘An elderly man in a shabby black overcoat and wide-brimmed beaver hat was standing in front of the magistrate’s desk, clutching a newspaper in one hand and dabbing his eyes with a none too clean handkerchief.’
  • ‘She quickly dabbed her handkerchief across her mouth, wiping away the substance from her lips.’
  • ‘Donnie raised his clean hand and dabbed the sweat from Steven’s forehead, under his straggly hair.’
  • ‘Mia dabbed her mouth with a napkin and placed it on her lap.’
  • ‘Mr. Wellington dabbed the corner of his mouth with his napkin and swallowed as he prepared to make an announcement.’
  • ‘I wiped the lines of mascara off her cheeks and dabbed her tears dry.’
  • ‘As he watched himself on the screen, Jackson could be seen looking emotional and dabbing his eyes with a tissue.’
  • ‘It is not surprising that many of those watching can be seen reaching for handkerchiefs and dabbing their eyes.’
  • ‘Determinedly refusing to remove his jacket, Dr. Alexeivich tugged at his tie and dabbed perspiration from his brow.’
  • ‘Alexeivich used a paper napkin to dab at the perspiration rolling off his nose as he spoke, but he doggedly refused to remove his jacket or loosen his tie.’
  • ‘Frances was dabbing at her eyes with a paper tissue.’
  • ‘Mrs Wyatt dabbed away tears with a tissue clutched in her hand and looked shocked by the judge’s decision.’
  • ‘A smile was playing around her lips as she dabbed delicately at the corner of her eyes.’
  • ‘She picked up her napkin and dabbed daintily at her mouth.’
  • ‘She sniffed and held back a wince when he dabbed gently at the cut.’
  • ‘She felt strong hands grab her shoulders and a warm cloth dabbing at her face.’
  • ‘She took a deep breath and dabbed at the corner of her eyes with her handkerchief.’
  • ‘Mia dabbed her mouth with a napkin and placed it on her lap.’
  1. 1.1 Apply (a substance) with light quick strokes.
  • ‘The sample – usually blood or cells from inside the cheek – is dabbed on to a stain card and returned to the lab in a tamperproof bag.’
  • ‘To fragrance your kitchen cabinets and drawers, place a good scent dabbed on a cotton ball into an inconspicuous comer.’
  • ‘They were black specks in the distance, nothing more than what looked to be dots of blotched ink dabbed on to the bright, clear blue sky.’
  • ‘Afterwards she fixed her ponytail and dabbed on some cherry lip gloss before heading out the door.’
  • ‘I also dabbed on some lip-gloss and blush, and even managed to evenly apply some black eyeliner.’
  • ‘Beth quickly ran a hairbrush through her blonde hair and dabbed on the tiniest bit of make-up.’
  • ‘A few minutes later, after I dabbed on some foundation and lip gloss, I was ready to go.’
  • ‘I dabbed on little piles of wasabi and pickled ginger around the rice and between the fish.’
  • ‘You are, perhaps, more likely to dab on some moisturising cream that you know and trust rather than some unknown concoction in a vanilla coloured jar.’
  • ‘Individual sores or insect bites can be dabbed directly with lavender oil.’
  • ‘For a mottled effect try painting your pot in a plain color then use a small sea sponge to dab on a contrasting color after the base color has dried.’
  • ‘Apply by gently dabbing the lotion onto cleansed skin with a cottonwool ball, and then leave it to dry.’
  • ‘I dabbed my lips lightly with lip gloss and stood back to assess myself.’
  • ‘Use a small, pointed brush to dab a tiny amount of concealer right on the blemish, pressing into the spot to cover completely.’
  • ‘I quickly splashed cold water to my face, tied my hair in a low ponytail and dabbed concealer to that annoying, red spot on my nose.’
  • ‘I dabbed concealer on some red spots and put on a coat of rusty colored lipstick.’
  • ‘Solve the problem of dry lips by dabbing your lips with lip balm.’
  • ‘More than just dabbing bits of colour on eggs, in Hungary egg painting is considered an art.’
  • ‘She shrieked in pain when a nurse dabbed ointment on her skin.’
  • ‘Leave the layer of dead skin intact and dab antibiotic ointment on it.’

2 dialect Aim at or strike with a light blow.

1 A small amount of something.

  • ‘Working in random, one-inch sections, take a dab of pliable pomade, and coat and twist hair as you go.’
  • ‘Not only does a dab of toner refresh the skin, it helps to remove any cleanser that hasn’t been properly removed.’
  • ‘Well, I don’t use make up daily, just kohl to line my eyes, and a dab of lipstick.’
  • ‘To keep the shine away, add a dab of loose or pressed powder.’
  • ‘Use both the body wash and body lotion, then just a dab of perfume.’
  • ‘There was a time when a grazed knee in the playground merited a quick visit to the school nurse, a dab of TCP and a sticking plaster.’
  • ‘A touch of mascara, a pinch of blush, a dab of lip gloss, and I was set to go.’
  • ‘Using a cotton swab, apply a few drops of vitamin E from a capsule or a dab of zinc ointment inside the tip of your nose every night before bed until your nosebleeds stop.’
  • ‘Use a dab of pomade to separate curls and zap frizz.’
  • ‘When you brush your teeth, also gently scrub your tongue with a dab of toothpaste.’
  • ‘A dab of white-wine vinegar is useful to get plates and cutlery spotlessly clean.’
  • ‘My dark auburn hair was curled in loose ringlets that cascaded down my back and I just had foundation, mascara, and a dab of lip-gloss for the natural look.’
  • ‘He could see her beautiful dark brown hair, her glossy green eyes that seemed to know everything, and her face that looked so close to perfection without a dab of makeup.’
  • ‘For sashimi, put a dab of wasabi directly on the fish.’
  • ‘Place a dab of chervil pesto on each plate and serve.’
  • ‘They came breaded and deep fried, along with a sound celeriac remoulade, cold battered onion rings, salad and dabs of tartare sauce.’
  • ‘The surfaces of his pictures are speckled with dabs of oil pigment almost reminiscent of a tapestry in its pattern and texture.’
  • ‘It took a big chunk out of the morning but even so the third bedroom got its final dabs of paint and was declared finished well before the close of day.’
  • ‘Sagerman applies thousands of dabs of oil paint with a palette knife and meticulously records the colors, the number of strokes and the amount of time spent on each color in a ledger for each painting.’
  • ‘Apply dabs of cream onto your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and neck, and gently smooth it over the skin in a circular motion, working from the outside of your face toward the center.’
  1. 1.1 A brief application of cosmetic, paint, or the like to a surface.
  • ‘Writing between dabs on the forehead with a wet washcloth, she speaks of an ‘inchoate longing’ to visit paradise.’
  • ‘With every stroke and dab and curve of the brush she was losing a little bit of herself.’
  • ‘Because Impressionist painters had to work quickly, oil paint was usually put on the canvas in small dabs or short strokes, often with little color mixing.’
  • ‘Angela does a few quick swipes and dabs at her own face, puts on something amazing, and throws her hair up.’
  • ‘Even in the foregrounds, the brushstrokes are a web of quick flickering dabs, layered, but not blended or otherwise heavily worked.’
  • ‘the dab can be heated from underneath with a match, lighter, or candle until it begins to emit smoke’
  • ‘They place a dab into a bong and smoke it just like regular marijuana.’
  • ‘A portion of marijuana concentrate is removed for a dab.’
  • ‘I only took one hit from the dab.’
  • ‘Even if you’re a daily stoner, the first time you take a dab can be a terrifying, coughing-fit filled experience if you’re not properly prepared.’
  • ‘There are nine ways to make taking a dab easier and to help you cough less.’
  • ‘So he heats up the nail and loads up a HUGE dab.’
  • ‘The first dab is a psychedelic explosion in your brain and body.’
  • ‘If you live on the West Coast or Colorado, chances are you’ve taken a dab with friends in recent years.’
  • ‘Despite the potency, you can obtain dab wax easily and cheaply.’
  • ‘Even people who get high all day, every day, will be made extraordinarily high by a good dab.’


Middle English symbolic of a light striking movement; compare with dabble and dib.

Main definitions of dab in English

dab 2

Pronunciation /dab/ /dæb/

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A small, commercially important flatfish found chiefly in the North Atlantic.

Limanda and other genera, family Pleuronectidae (several species, in particular the European L. limanda), and genus Citharichthys, family Bothidae (see also sand dab)

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