how was the dab created

What is dabbing and where did it come from? Where did Tom Watson learn the move?

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Since Labour’s Tom Watson dabbed in the House of Commons, people have been reminded of the dance craze that swept the world a little while ago.

But where did dabbing come from, and which celebrities have done the dab?

Who started the craze?

It’s thought that the trend began in Atlanta, on the rap and hip hop scene.

American rapper Bow Wow said the dance came from the cannabis dabbers community, which started long before the trend began in 2012.

This was met with disagreement from Atlanta artists – but either way, the dab was made popular once it started featuring in music videos.

Before too long, American football player Cam Newton picked it up, and thanks to the Carolina Panthers quarterback, the dance is now a household name.

Why is it linked to smoking cannabis?

The concept of dabbing is also a term used to refer to smoking butane hash oil and taking out 90% of the primary ingredient in marijuana, THC.

Many have said that the move symbolises sneezing – a common occurrence for people who have smoked a lot of cannabis.

To dab, all you need to do is point an arm upwards towards the sky, while ducking your head into your other arm.

If that sounds confusing, here’s a step by step guide to dabbing.

  1. Lift out your arms so they’re at your sides.
  2. Raise both arms up, so they’re going straight out from your shoulders.
  3. Bend an arm towards your body, as if you’re getting ready to sneeze on your sleeve.
  4. Keep your other arm straight.
  5. Duck your head in towards the bent arm and touch your forehead into your elbow area – as if you’re sneezing into your sleeve, or dabbing sweat off your face.
  6. Don’t forget to keep that other arm straight.
  7. After bringing your head in towards your elbow, do a quick head bang movement. Or two, if you’re feeling decadent.
  8. Bump your head forwards, towards your elbow.
  9. You now have the freedom to either repeat the dab multiple times on one side, or switch sides.

Which celebrities have dabbed?

After Jeremy Corbyn criticised Theresa May about the NHS, Tom Watson dabbed as Mr Corbyn sat down next to him.

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But which other famous faces have done it in the past?

LeBron James dabbed before a basketball match with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tom Hanks did the dab dance with his son Chet.

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Prince Harry did the move after being encouraged to during a visit to Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University.

Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard celebrated a goal for Manchester United by doing the double dab.

Since Labour’s Tom Watson dabbed in the House of Commons, people have been reminded of the dance craze that swept the world a little while ago. But where did dabbing… ]]>