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Pulsar APX V2 Review

Kit & Accessories

  • Pulsar APX V2
  • Replacement mouthpiece insert
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Pulsar APX V2 is only compatible with dry herb. If you want wax compatibility, then try out the Pulsar APX Wax.

Design & Features

General Design: The APX V2 has a slim design that looks and feels a little like a cigarette lighter. It’s quite comfortable to hold and the power button is well-placed high up on the device, so it’s easy to access. Temperature selection is indicated by labels that light up when they are selected. This is a very useful design feature, especially when you consider that many sub-$100 weed vapes don’t label their preset temperatures as clearly. The loading procedure is fast and easy, and the APX V2 is pretty simple to use in general, just as you would expect from a budget vaporizer.

Portability: At just about four inches tall, and with a very slim profile, the APX V2 slips into pockets with ease. You could probably fit two or three in there and you—or anyone else—would barely notice. So, portability is definitely not an issue here.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is a pretty low maintenance vaporizer, which means that cleaning is quick and easy. The included cleaning brush is all that you need to wipe out the chamber once a session is complete.

How to use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber, fill it with herb, and then replace the mouthpiece.
  2. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  3. Hold down the power button for three seconds to cycle through the temperature settings and release it once it lands on the setting you want.
  4. Once the vaporizer has finished heating, inhale from the mouthpiece.

You can check out a copy of the official user manual right here.

Temperature Settings: 356°F | 374°F | 392°F | 410°F | 428°F

Performance & Vapor Quality

Vaporizer Performance: The APX V2 heats up in about thirty seconds, which is pretty good for a vaporizer of this size.

Vapor Quality: At the lower temperature settings, the vapor quality is good, not amazing, but not terrible either. However, at higher settings, the vapor tends to get hot, harsh, and uncomfortable. That’s because the short mouthpiece is located right above the herb chamber, so the vapor doesn’t have the time to get cool before it hits you. I would recommend that you stick to the lower temperature settings when using the APX V2. Draw resistance is pretty low, so the vaping experience feels nice and smooth.

Battery Performance: The APX V2 has a 1600 mAh battery that lasts for ninety minutes and charges up in ninety minutes. Both those numbers are pretty good for a budget vaporizer. Or any vaporizer really.

Pulsar APX V2 is a pretty solid and affordable weed vaporizer that’s a good choice for newbie vapers. Learn more about it in the review.

Pulsar APX 2 Review: Its Discreet and Cheap – But Actually Works

The Pulsar APX 2 combines the low price of a vape pen with the functionality of a higher end portable vaporizer. We were initially skeptical given the low price but have to say that it’s overall exceeded expectations. It features a ceramic chamber, conduction vaping, and 5 temperature settings.

Quick Answer:

The Pulsar APX 2 is extremely affordable, versatile and easy to use. However, it lost points because of the plastic materials, short warranty and the fact that it’s probably something you’ll have to replace in a year or so. But if you’re searching for a dry herb vaporizer that’s affordable and gives decent results, it’s a solid buy.

Pulsar APX 2 Key Features

5 temperature settings which are controlled from the vaporizer itself

One button interface for simple temperature setting and vaping

Ceramic chamber heats evenly and doesn’t add any flavor to your material

Top loading vaporizer makes it easy to empty and refill

Conduction heating does a great job of truly vaping your herb

What’s in The Kit

1x APX 2 Vaporizer

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Extra Mouthpiece Silicone Insert


The Pulsar APX 2 is very discreet measuring only 4 inches tall (including the raised mouthpiece). It’s small enough to fit the palm of your hand and only stick out a little at the top (depending on the size of your hands).

It’s also easy to drop in your pocket without taking up much more room than a set of keys and if you clean it often, you’ll keep the odor low. Overall, the Pulsar is a low profile weed vaporizer.

Pulsar APX 2 Portability and Vaping Capabilities

The Pulsar APX 2 has pretty good battery life at around 90 minutes making it a portable option for most day trips. The battery is not replaceable though so you probably won’t take it on longer trips where you’ll be away from a charging base for more than the day. If battery life really matters, consider the Mighty or DaVinci IQ.

The new APX works specifically for dry herb so if you’re more of a dabber or concentrates person, this isn’t the best option (try the G Pen). However, for dry herb, it does a good job for a vaporizer in this price range.

Pulsar Battery Type & Quality

  • Battery Type: 1600 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Use Time: 90 minutes use
  • Replaceable: Not replaceable
  • Charge Time: 90 minutes to recharge

Vapor Quality

Let’s be honest, for a portable in this range, we weren’t expecting mind blowing vapor. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it performed as well as it did.

When you first get the Pulsar, you’ll want to run it through a few burn off cycles to get rid of any manufacturing oils that may have made it into the vaporizer during the building process.

After that, the initial vapor was decent with moderate visible clouds on lower temperatures and slightly more on higher temperatures. The flavor was good from the get-go but after a few sessions it started declining as resin built up. With a quick clean, it was back to new though.

Since the bowl is directly under the mouthpiece, it does get a little hot if you’re using it on higher temperatures. You can get around that by vaping lower temperatures but if you prefer using it on high, be ready for a touch of heat and coughing.

I like that it conveniently heats up in just 40 seconds (it’s even written on the box) which is pretty quick and Pulsar’s added haptic feedback so it gently vibrates once it’s reached temp.

After a few sessions I examined the used material and I’m pleased to report that all the herb had an even golden-brown color with no burning or hot-spots. This is great because it truly is vaping rather than combusting which is much healthier. You can also tell the difference in the flavor of the herb. If it had been burning, the flavor would have been significantly lower.

Overall, the vapor quality from the Pulsar APX was good but not mind-blowing. However, it did reliably achieve what it promised.

Build Quality

The Pulsar’s built with a lightweight aluminum outer shell and a silicone mouthpiece. It’s super lightweight but doesn’t necessarily feel cheap. It held up well in my pocket and I never felt like I needed to worry about the unit breaking or cracking.

The button on the front is made from a rubber material (the previous version was metal) which was easy to use. The previous version of the APX with the metal button didn’t feel as intuitive or firm when you pressed on it. This new version is easy to use, it makes a nice little click when you press it and your finger doesn’t slide off when you’re using it.

The chamber is made from ceramic that evenly heats the material and doesn’t pass on any flavor like some of the metal chambers. This is nice for both preserving the flavor and getting the most from your weed.

As far as the mouthpiece goes, the previous version of the APX had a screen that got clogged on a regular basis. This was one of the main complaints about the unit.

In the new APX 2, they’ve clearly listened to feedback and done away with the screen. However, I did notice that the silicone mouthpiece still has a tendency of gathering resin and it still has to be cleaned often.

The LED display on the Pulsar has also been improved. It features the battery level and lights up the temperature setting that your currently on. Before, the temperature was written on the vaporizer and a little red light would light up underneath the writing. It was super hard to read in the dark.

In the APX 2, they’ve made it so the temperature lights up so you can easily read it in the dark.

I have to say the overall quality of the unit is well thought out. From the size of the vaporizer to the life of the battery, I really can’t say many bad things about the unit. Of course, if you were paying hundreds of dollars the little details add up. But for a unit that’s well under $100 (that actually vaporizes your weed) this is a solid build.

Temperature settings

The Pulsar APX has 5 different temperature settings which are all controlled with the single button on the front of the unit. Here’s a breakdown of the settings:

  • Lowest led lit 356 F
  • Second light 374 F
  • Third light 392 F
  • Fourth light 410 F
  • Fifth light 428 F

I found the best results are between levels one and four. These seem to produce the best balance of vapor quantity and flavor without being too hot and harsh.

We reviewed the Pulsar APX 2 and compared it to the original Pulsar APX. The two has some key features that make it better than the last but there's a few things to be aware of before pressing the buy button.