how to sneak weed on a cruise ship

How to sneak weed on a cruise ship

i was stressing about whether or not to bring weed on a cruise about 8 days ago. I just got back and wanted to share my experience.
Here were my initial questions -are there body scanners? -are there dogs? -will the crew search your bags without your consent? -if caught, will they throw you in the jail and make you get off at the next stop? -where will i smoke it if i decided to smoke?

Here is what i found out. 1. i should have brought a lot more weed with me. I brought a half 8th (1.75 grams) and ground it up. Next, I DOUBLE vacuumed sealed the bag i put my herb in. it looked and felt like a small rock. it was the size of a quarter. This was stupid because soon after i was on the ship and saw the security, i realized i could have brought more than enough. Ideally i would have brought a quarter.

as for security. it is shit. you can bring whatever you want on with you. my parents had their wine taken out of their bag and they were charged a corkage fee. and i think thats all they are really looking for. there are no body scanners, there are no pat downs, there are no dogs and i didnt see any luggage sniffers.

I shared a room with my little brother and sister but if i had my own room, i would have totally blazed in there and blown the smoke through a Smoke Buddy or just made one out of a paper towel roll and dryer sheets.

I ended up bringing a one hitter and walking to the back of the ship to smoke just so i wouldn’t get caught. I was cautious of other passengers though. I didn’t want them to smell it and rat me out. That was just my spot that i found. You could literally find plenty of smoke spots.
I would not recommend smoking joints or blunts though because they are a little more smelly and anyone who has ever smelled weed will know what you are doing.

I just kept it low key and i was respectful. I was also aware that i could possibly be being watched on the cameras as they are everywhere on the ship. I didnt give a shit though. i just held my one hitter like a cigarette, smoked it and then went on with my day.

i researched this and talked to people who have worked on cruises over the internet and they all had me scared to bring it. it was nothing.

I was on the Norwegian Dawn and we left out of Tampa.

TL:DR its easy to bring weed on the cruise ship. do it. dont smoke blunts just bring a one hitter or a vaporizer. or wax and a vape.

Edit: not trying to be a dick and maybe i should have put this in the /r/trees subreddit. wasnt thinking. i just went here and looked before the cruise. i should be allowed to post it though. im sure its on a lot of peoples minds when going on a cruise. and with others imput it just makes the person make their own decision based on different opinions/facts.

How to sneak weed on a cruise ship i was stressing about whether or not to bring weed on a cruise about 8 days ago. I just got back and wanted to share my experience. Here were my initial

Smoking Pot on a Cruise Ship: Is It Legal?

It’s not a stretch to say that parts of the United States have been rethinking how they categorize cannabis; pot legalization and decriminalization movements have been gaining ground across the country in recent years. As of 2016, the District of Columbia and four states — including Alaska and Washington, two popular cruise destinations — have legalized marijuana for personal use, and another 21 states have legalized it for medical use.

But does that mean you can blaze up on the high seas? Hardly. Despite many states and cities downgrading penalties for possession, marijuana is still classified as a narcotic under federal law — and those are the rules that govern international cruise shipping. Besides the fact that the aforementioned law supersedes any state or local laws, every single cruise line has a rule prohibiting marijuana in their contracts of carriage. Combined with the fact that almost all cruise lines are nonsmoking these days, and you’ll see why smoking pot on a cruise ship is a huge no-no.

And in a nod to the ever-changing evolution of cannabis products, we’ll take our warnings a few steps further and offer this as a bottom line: No pot — or any of the myriad products on the market that now contain cannabis — is allowed on cruise ships, ever. It’s really that simple.

Despite this clarity, we’ve found a few questions about marijuana use on cruise vacations that are worth addressing. We’ll do our best to answer them below.

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