how to sneak weed into a concert

How To Sneak Weed Into A Concert

How To Sneak Weed Into A Concert

The 420 culture is on the rise and is currently at its epitome. Weed or cannabis today is slowly getting legal throughout the world, and why shouldn’t it? Weed has never made anyone aggressive. Its effects are quite the contrary. Marijuana calms the brain while enhancing our receptors to perceive everything in a mellow and clearer manner.

So, keeping it banned in concerts seems like an overkill. If anything, the weed only makes the concert experience more amplified and uplifting. It is odd to see how alcohol at these festivals is sold at a much higher rate while knowing very well that alcohol has adverse effects on the consumer’s behavior.

So, sneaking weed into a concert seems more than fair, and for the most part, it isn’t really a challenging job, but it indeed can be a little daunting at times. So here are a few ways in which you can sneak weed into the concert:

1. Sneak It In Through Your Sneakers

One of the best places to hide your secret stash before entering the concert is in your sneakers. It is because the guards who are patting you down are no TSA guards. If it were in the procedure to pat people down and even check their shoes, it would take forever at the gates. So, it is highly unlikely that any guard would ask you to open your shoes. So, try sneaking a joint or two in there next time you go for a concert.

2. Cigarette Pack

The cigarette (being more dangerous than cannabis) might be one of the most common and yet smart ways to smuggle in your weed. The cigarette pack is basically a storage area, so why not use this. You can either roll your weed into a cigarette-like rolling paper or hide the weed at the bottom of the pack. The guards will peg you for a smoker and would let you through without any further questions or investigation.

3. The Wallet

Believe it or not, but most of the people who bring cannabis to a concert hide it in their wallets and roll it later after entering. The wallet is one of the safest and most reliable places to store your weed stash. It is because your wallet is your personal property with your information on it. So to check the wallet would be an invasion of privacy. What’s more interesting is that these days, there is a new wave of wallets going around called the wrist wallets or hand wallets. These are a brilliant invention to sneak in almost any drug into a concert. This wallet goes around the hand like a wrist band and does not give the slightest hint that it is a wallet.

So, try getting yourself one of these hand purses, because this might be the most convenient and most comfortable way to get that stash in!

4. Phone Case

A phone case is also one of the most used methods of getting weed through security. But it can be a little difficult to store some weed these, that’s why there are special phone cases that have a small place where you are allowed to store anything. This concealed place will be towards the inside of the phone cover, so clearly, it will not be visible to the guard. So, try one of these phone cases out.

5. Tape It To Your Leg

It is not really advisable, but it is a promising method to get the weed stash inside the concert. Also, this is only when you have a large group of friends, so, getting the weed inside becomes a mission. Here, you can take a sealed bag of your weed and tape it well near your inner thigh area, or the abdomen. 10/10 guards do not frisk intensely, so you have the upper hand here.

It is disappointing to know that weed is not allowed inside concerts, despite it’s mellowing and enlightening traits. But, this is no hurdle for the 420 cults. As long as there are concerts, there will be weed at them. To conclude, try out the new hand wallets, and wrist wallets since these are the safest gamble you can make with your stash and the concert, and blaze out to the music and the vibe.

Cannabis today is slowly getting legal throughout the world, and why shouldn’t it? Weed has never made anyone aggressive and enhances the musical experience.

How to Sneak Weed Into a Concert

Thursday July 23, 2015

S moking cannabis at concerts should not be stopped at the hand of some employee of an establishment you’re paying to be inside of. Cannabis does not incite rowdy behavior, it doesn’t encourage people to get overly drunk, and it doesn’t cause people to die, and yet these same venues profit off of alcohol sales.

With that said, we’re still left with security guards who hassle cannabis users upon entry of venues, where they’re usually free (and even encouraged) to smoke when inside. Aside from using a discrete dab pen to consume, here are few tips on getting your cannabis inside a concert or festival:

Cigarette Pack:

Stashing your cannabis inside of a cigarette pack allows you to seem like an absolutely innocent tobacco user, when in fact two or three of those cigarettes are packed with weed to either be lit or be rerolled for later. You can also put your cannabis on the bottom of the pack and put your cigarettes on top, therefore seeming like you only have a legit pack of cigarettes on you.

Loose Tobacco Pouch:

Using the loose pouch feature of a roll-your-own cigarette pack to your advantage makes getting your greens inside very easy. It’s fool proof as most people won’t question you when you’re seen rolling up, especially if you have a tobacco rolled decoy available to deter those that may be weary.


The lowest part of your body happens to be a perfect spot to bypass the pat-down process because no one is going to make you go as far as to take your shoes off when entering a show. Think about it: if this was protocol, it would take way too long to get in.

Belt area:

Call it your crotch, belt area, or whatever name you have for it, but right under the button of your pants is a perfect place to “stash your hash”. Given that you’re wearing a belt, someone won’t be able to detect a soft bag of cannabis underneath a buckle.

Taped to Your Leg:

It’s pretty self explanatory, but if you have joints in a bag, no one is going to be able to tell if you strap it to the inside of your pants. If someone asks what it is, be sure to give them a weird look and ask them what they’re talking about. Actually, do that every time they ask what anything is, ever!

Small Jean Pocket:

The pocket that we rarely use other than to put our one-hitter in is actually a great stash spot because not too many people know about its functionality as a mini-pocket. But seriously, try it out sometime. It’s worked for me everytime.

Behind Phone Case:

If you have a roomy phone case and can find a spot to stash a joint or some nugs in, go for it. This is never going to get checked, unless you flat out tell someone you stash your stuff in your phone case.

In your hand:

It sounds strange but having everything out of your pockets when you walk past security will often work. Make sure that have your wallet and phone in your grasp so that they can’t see the goods underneath.


It’s very impolite to look through someone else’s wallet, and therefore you’ll often get away with putting a joint or some greens in the most sacred part of your common belongings. Plus, you hopefully won’t lose your wallet, and therefore your pot.

Getting marijuana into a concert or festival has to be done discretely, but there are many ways to make it happen and enjoy the show. ]]>